Subject Area: Philosophical Studies-Thematic

Conceptually Distinguishing Mirth, Humor, and Comedy: A Philosophical Analysis
 Kort, Eva
2015 1-4955-0287-2 116 pages
This book opens a new dialogue for philosophical treatments of humor and comedy. It traces their history from the Dionysian Performance Tradition and brings a fresh perspective to the issue as it recasts standard interpretations of the Aristotelian theory in broader terms that offer new grounds for distinguishing ‘humor’, ‘comedy’ and ‘mirth’.

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Heideggerian Phenomenological Investigation of Money
 Hammond, Mark
2002 0-7734-7329-7 256 pages
This manuscript contributes to the areas of phenomenological research, Heidegger studies, and studies in the philosophy of money. It applies Heidegger’s phenomenological method (as spelled out in Being and Time and The Basic Problems of Phenomenology) to evolve a challenging perspective on the importance of money and the traditional philosophical question of value.

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Philosophical Reflections on the United States Constitution. A Collection of Bicentennial Essays
 Gray, Christopher
1989 0-88946-104-X 210 pages
A search for the roots of the United States' failures and successes, accenting the American philosophers of the Golden Age - Peirce, Holmes, Dewey - while taking note of classics from Plato to Hegel.

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Questioning Time - A Philosophical Experiment
 Barnett, Peter H.
1996 0-7734-8775-1 156 pages
Peter Barnett has spent much of his philosophical career exploring alternatives to discursive argument as a means of philosophical communication. He has used diagrams, grids, sculpture, games, and practical jokes, in addition to the technique of sustained questioning.

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