Subject Area: Lonergan, Bernard

Bernard Lonergan’s Macroeconomic Dynamics
 Hoyt-O'Connor, Paul
2004 0-7734-6413-1 408 pages
While there has been growing interest in Lonergan’s economics among scholars of his work, there has been relatively little published on those writings, partly because they have not been widely available before their publication in the Collected Works. This work contributes toward Lonergan studies, situating Lonergan’s economic analysis in terms of his early and more mature philosophy of history. This book examines Bernard Lonergan’s essays in terms of his reflections upon human history and society and as contributing to the discussions regarding the free and democratic constitution of exchange economies. It aims to contribute to the wider discussion among moral and political philosophers and theologians concerning the responsible direction and constitution of economic life.

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Bernard Lonergan’s Methodology and the Philosophy of Religion. Functional Specialization and Religious Diversity
 Halse, Scott
2010 0-7734-3675-8 376 pages
This study suggests ways in which functional specialization can make a methodological contribution to the enquiry into religious diversity. This work will be of interest to Lonergan scholars, philosophers of religion, and those interested in method in religious studies.

Price: $239.95

Catholic Supporters of Same Gender Marriage. A Case Study of Human Dignity in a Multicultural Society
 Perry, Donna J.
2009 0-7734-4854-3 584 pages
This work presents the emerging theory of transcendent pluralism and its application in a study of Catholic supporters of same-gender marriage. Transcendent pluralism is an emerging knowledge and values-based theory of human dignity for addressing contemporary social issues rooted in human devaluation such as group bias, social injustice, health disparities, human rights violations, violent conflict and genocide. Transcendent pluralism is grounded in a philosophical explication of human dignity and has been influenced by the writings of twentieth-century philosopher and theologian, Bernard Lonergan. The legalization of same-gender marriage in Massachusetts brought the issue of bias against gays and lesbians into public discourse. During this controversial time, many of the theoretical constructs of transcendent pluralism were manifested, particularly among Catholics who support same-gender marriage. In order to investigate and refine the theory, a study was conducted of Catholic same-gender marriage supporters, using a qualitative research method adapted from Lonergan’s transcendental method. This work will appeal to people who are interested in cultural pluralism, group relations, philosophy, Lonergan studies, humanities, social justice, human rights, gay and lesbian studies, Catholicism, ethics, research methods, nursing and health disparities.

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Doctrine Within the Dialectic of Subjectivity and Objectivity. A Critical Study of the Positions of Paul Tillich and Bernard Lonergan
 Ring, Nancy
1991 0-7734-9948-2 304 pages
Focuses on the theological method as it affects the mediation of faith to culture. Provides an analysis of the theological methods of Lonergan and Tillich and compares the two dialectically. Concludes that one's understanding of the kerygma is dependent upon one's theological method. To arrive at these conclusions, the categories of subjectivity, objectivity, and theological anthropology are explored in detail.

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Introduction to Lonergan's Insight. An Invitation to Philosophize
 Stewart, William A.
1996 0-7734-8768-9 320 pages
This study provides an entry-level introduction to the philosophical thought of Bernard J. F. Lonergan, in particular, to Lonergan's monumental and difficult book, Insight. It also provides a general introduction to philosophy through the medium of Lonergan's thought. Basic philosophical problems are presented and, following Lonergan, responses are made to each problem under the two headings of Position and Counter-Position. After a brief exposition of the problem, Lonergan's view is put forth as the Position, while differing or opposing views appear as Counter-Positions, a problematic and dialectical approach that mirrors Lonergan's own.

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Study of Lonergan’s Self-Transcending Subject and Kegan’s Evolving Self a Framework for Christian Anthropology
 Berchmans, Robert
2001 0-7734-7382-3 168 pages
This study examines a remarkable parallel between Robert Kegan’s theory of the Evolving Self and Bernard Lonergan’s notion of the self-transcending subject. The framework for a new Christian anthropology presented here is holistic and integral, based in scriptural and traditional understanding of God as the source of human origin and the goal of human destiny.

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Understanding and Being: An Introduction and Companion to Insight
 Morelli, Elizabeth
1980 0-88946-909-1 368 pages
An edited version, recreated from tapes and auditors' notes, of the ten lectures the Canadian Jesuit Lonergan delivered on his Insight, with a selection of the auditors' responses.

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