Subject Area: Literature - Caribbean

El Pesimismo En Tres Novelas Dominicanas De La Posguerra: de abril en adelante, Curriculum (el sindrome de la visa) y La otra Penelope
 Tejada, Rita
2006 0-7734-5961-8 192 pages
On April 24, 1965, a civil revolt broke out in the Dominican Republic. Dominicans were split into two factions that fought and inflicted material losses and psychological wounds on the nation. The fight ended on April 28, 1965, with an American military intervention. A post-war literature emerged after the intervention, ushering in the period of modern Dominican literature. Dominican writers preferred poetry and short stories to express their feelings about the war, although novels and plays were also written. This book studies three Dominican novels based on the April 1965 post-war period.

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