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Hispanicization of the United States. The Latino Challenge to American Culture
 Figueras, Salvador J.
2017 1-4955-0525-1 152 pages
The transformation and reincarnation of culture is underway in the United States and has been ongoing for hundreds of years. England and Spain each played prominent roles in influencing the historical “founding” of what America has become for nearly five centuries. This study emerges as a leading identifier of the many historical and ingrained social nuances this hybrid culture – Hispanicity – employs as it continues to modify and challenge every cultural aspect of modern society in the United States.

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How the Holy Spirit Guides Believers' Interpretation of the Scripture: A History of Hermeneutics from the Church Fathers to Today
 Author, New
2022 1-4955-1028-X 340 pages
This is an oversized (8x10), softcover book. "This thesis examines the history of hermeneutics, establishes the "Spirited Hermeneutic", provides insight into modern interpretation of scripture, examines Jesus' view of scripture and interpretation as the first practitioner of the Spirited Hermeneutic; undertakes the examination of both the Holy Spirit as the "bearer of meaning", and the community as an "arbiter of meaning. " -From the author's summary

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Out of Print
 Rogal, Samuel J.
2016 0000000000

Out of Print
 Lombardi, Chiara
2016 0000000000

Out of Print
 Donalson, Malcolm Drew
2021 560 pages

Out of Print
 Donalson, Malcolm Drew
2016 0000000000

Shakespeare After 9/11: How a Social Trauma Reshapes Interpretation
 Brown, Doug
2011 0-7734-3730-4
This work assembles a composite picture of Shakespeare’s afterlives in media and cultural imagination. Each essay in this collection provides new insight about how our understanding of Shakespeare has changed after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

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Softcover: Out of Print
 Van Cleve, John W.
2022 0-0000-0000-0