Subject Area: Guatemala

De Brujos Y Naguales: La Guatemala Imaginaria De Miguel Angel Asturias
 Arredondo, Isabel
1997 0-7734-2288-9 184 pages
This study uses a novel by Guatemalan writer Asturias, winner of the 1967 Nobel prize, to analyze the construction of Guatemalan identity at the end of the 1940s and to consider the factors involved in representing a Third World country. It contributes to the field of cultural studies by careful analysis of the factors that affect representation of other cultures, or the "other", by including information on how Third World countries represent themselves, in this case, an educated Guatemalan writer portraying the Mayan population of his own country. It also studies the theories and ideas that bought the change from Indigenism to Neo-Indigenism. It also considers how Asturias' work relates to that of other Guatemalan intellectuals, in particular to that of Carlos Samayoa Chinchilla, examining how they represent different countries, and the stand each novel takes on colonialism. De Brujos is a major contribution to the study of Latin American literature. It applies cultural studies theories that make the work of art an ideological construction where particular history can by studies. In Spanish throughout.

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