Subject Area: Sociolinguistics

Comparative Study of the Political Communication Styles of Bill Clinton and Tony Blair
 Ayeni, Chris Olugbenga
2005 0-7734-5976-6 208 pages
This research expands the data base in comparative cross-national political communication. It thereby establishes the basis for generalizations about, and comparisons of, the campaign styles of Blair and Clinton. Throughout, the larger question is to what extent Great Britain has imported American communication methods.

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Defamiliarization in Mari Sandoz's Cheyenne Autumn
 Bartelt, Guillermo
2016 1-4955-1236-3 208 pages
"...One may consider Cheyenne Autumn primarily as literary discourse, in which defamiliarization plays a crucial stylistic role. In applying this technique, familiar language structures that are taken for granted, and hence automatically perceived, become disturbed to the point of oddness and estrangement. ...By deftly appropriating fragments of Cheyenne culture from the ethnographic literature, Sandoz compels the reader to a hightened awareness of artistic process" -Dr. Guillermo Bartelt

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