Subject Area: Christianity: All Topics

A Bilingual Edition of Fray Luis De León's La Perfecta Casada: The Role of Married Women in Sixteenth-Century Spain
 Jones, John Alan
1999 0-7734-8178-8 348 pages
This bilingual edition makes accessible to readers who have little or no knowledge of Spanish an important work on the role of women in marriage, while at the same time enabling readers of Spanish to further their understanding of Fray Luis de León's work which embodies an essentially Christian view of marriage in which the role of men, women, and family are very clearly defined, providing an interesting insight into the world-view of a past age.

A Comparative Study of Adjustments to Social Catastrophes in Christianity and Buddhism: The Black Death in Europe and the Kamakura Takeover in Japan as Causes of Religious Reform
 MacGregor, Kirk R.
2011 0-7734-1549-1 400 pages
The study contends that, due to the parallel religious issues respectively raised by the late classical transition to decentralized feudal rule in Japan and by the Black Death in Europe, Buddhist theological developments mirror in their internal logic the succession from late medieval Catholicism to Lutheranism to Calvinism.

A Comparative Study of Social and Religious Movements in Norway, 1780s-1905
 Furseth, Inger
2002 0-7734-7195-2 472 pages
This study includes three social movements: the Lofthus revolt, the Thrane movement, and the early labor movement; and two religious movements: the Hauge movement and Norwegian Methodism. The analysis examines how they mobilized resources to reach their goals, the external and internal factors that influenced their degrees of success and failure, and the interactions and exchanges between them. It uses a combination of resource mobilization theory and political process theory for analysis.

A Psychoanalytic Interpretation of the Story of Joseph, the Son of Jacob: A Study in Comparative Culture, Ethics, and Spirituality
 Nouryeh, Christopher
2015 1-4955-0385-2 236 pages
This is a new and different psychoanalytic interpretation of the Old Testament Joseph Story which examines different cultural perspectives including the Christian, Hebraic and Qur’anic versions of this familiar religious story.

A Spirituality of Infancy, Childhood, and Puberty: What Can we do to Help our Children Love God
 Richardson, Herbert W.
2019 1-4955-0736-X 100 pages
In this book, the author collects twelve letters he wrote to his children about the nature of God, spirituality and religion in general. The goal is to develop a program to enhance the spirituality of children. It prayers, scripture readings, and music.

African Christian Theology the Quest for Self-Hood
 Molyneux, K. Gordon
1993 0-7734-1946-2 432 pages
This study represents attempts on the part of African Christians to `own' their theological reflection, rather than borrow it from others. This means taking seriously their African heritage. It examines the theological quest in the broader context of political, educational, literary, and religious factors in sub-Saharan Africa. Other chapters are devoted to Zaire, and specifically to three contrasting styles of theological reflection: the academic and literary one; the area of `oral theology' illustrated by the `inspired' hymns of the Kimbanguist Church; and an experiment in Protestant contextual theologizing in seminars designed to effect an interaction between the gospel and contextual issues. From this total theological picture, the conclusion draws implications for theology itself, for theological education, and for theological educators in Africa today.

African Independent Churches Today: Kaleidoscope of Afro-Christianity
 Kitshoff, M.C.
1996 0-7734-8782-4 324 pages
This work is the result of multi-disciplinary research and field work on the African Independent/Indigenous Churches, which are the fastest-growing component of Afro-Christianity. Chapters by missiologists, theologians, anthropologists, psychologists, and a musicologist examine multi-colored religious movements.

Afro-Christian Religion and Healing in Southern Africa
 Oosthuizen, G. C.
1989 0-88946-282-8 450 pages
Seeks an understanding of one result of the syncretism of Southern African Christianity, namely, the increasing evidence among African Christians of ancestor veneration, belief in possession by alien spirits, dance-induced trancing, and witch beliefs. ". . . the significance of this volume lies . . . in the fact that South African anthropologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and theologians could talk with rather than at each other about pastoral theology and healing in the work of independent churches. . . . the volume will be used in graduate and research studies by students of anthropology, psychiatry, psychology, and religion." - Choice

Afro-Christian Religion at the Grassroots in South Africa
 Oosthuizen, G. C.
1991 0-88946-226-7 412 pages
This work contains the research efforts of genuine empirical research by colleagues from various parts of the African continent, especially in Southern Africa. The close association that all have with the African Independent/Indigenous churches enables them to give a clearer picture of what happens at the grassroots level of this vast movement in the Southern Africa context.

Ancestor Worship and Christianity in Korea
 Lee, Jung Young
1989 0-88946-059-0 112 pages
Written entirely by Korean Christians, this study analyzes the tension between ancestor worship and Christianity from several perspectives: traditional folk religion, Korean Christianity, Confucianism, and Japanese religion during the Korean occupation of Japan.

Anti-Primitivism and the Decline of the West the Social Cost of Cultural Ignorance Volume Two: The Failure of Christianity, Progress, and Democracy
 Urban, C. Stanley
1993 0-7734-9857-5 384 pages
The work explains that the West obliterated primitive civilizations everywhere in the names of Christianity and Progress. They were not exterminated -- or better, absorbed -- in the name of democracy, because the latter was for the white man only and was thought too exotic for the primitive to grasp. From a scholarly point of view, if the idea of Progress has failed, it will eventually cause the failure of democracy. That idea has to be dealt with on at least three levels, i.e., the Third World where there are almost no prospects; Russia and eastern Europe where success with a free market economy is dubious; and, finally, here at home where, under democracy and diverse ethnic and religious groups, we seem unable to solve basic and vital issues. Any librarian whose collection includes Oswald Spengler's The Decline of the West and Edward Said's Orientalism will want to add the present work.

Aristotle and Christianity
 Berry, Paul
2016 1-4955-0508-1 148 pages
This monograph is the closing work in a series of ten titles by Dr. Paul Berry. The collection began with an initial study, The Christian Inscription at Pompeii. This work traced the line of cultural, philosophical and theological inheritance that extends from the philosophy or Aristotle (384-322 B.C.) to the theology of Thomas Aquinas (1224-1274 A.D.)

Ascetic Piety and Women's Faith: Essays on Late Ancient Christianity
 Clark, Elizabeth
1986 0-88946-529-0 448 pages
Winner of the Adèle Mellen Prize for Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship. Treats women in the context of the early Christian world: ascetic renunciation and feminine advancement, female monasticism, and patristic exegesis of the story of Eve and Adam and the Song of Songs.

Asceticism in the Christian Transformation of Self in Margery Kempe, William Thorpe, and John Rogers
 Warren, Martin L.
2003 0-7734-6772-6 200 pages
This study examines three texts to show how the practice of asceticism leads to the creation of self and self-narration: the Book of Margery Kempe; the Examination of William Thorpe; and John Rogers’s Ohel or Beth-Shemesh. It first discusses the development of Christian asceticism (eremitic and cenobitic) and its purpose, and then goes on to compare the three texts.

Author of the Apocalypse: A Review of the Prevailing Hypothesis of Jewish-Christian Authorship
 MacKenzie, Robert K.
1997 0-7734-2423-7 210 pages
The view that John the Seer, if he was not the Apostle, was a Christian whose ethnic background was Jewish and probably Palestinian, has to date gone virtually unchallenged. R. H. Charles's old but still popular commentary has provided strong support for this position. This text is critical of Charles's assumptions, which pre-date modern concerns for the effect of social context on linguistic performance. This study examines John's work in the light of current research, and also considers the two chief supporting arguments in favour of John's Jewish background.

Baptist Reflections on Christianity and the Arts Learning From Beauty
 Rayburn, David M.
1997 0-7734-8482-5 224 pages
Eight original essays in honor of William L. Hendricks, a prominent Baptist theologian who has devoted much of his life to promoting the use of art in the life of the church. With color illustrations.

Baron Friedrich von Hügel and the Debate on Historical Christianity (1902-1905)
 McGrath, John A.
1993 0-7734-9817-6 380 pages
Studies the thinking of and interaction among three men insofar as they were involved in the history-and-dogma controversy of the Catholic modernist crisis -- Alfred Loisy, Maurice Blondel, and Friedrich von Hügel. Of the three, von Hügel comes closest to maintaining in balance all the elements and dimensions which must be included in any discussion of history and dogma.

Bauer Thesis Examined the Geography of Heresy in the Early Christian Church
 Robinson, Thomas A. A.
1988 0-88946-611-4 264 pages
Challenges the adequacy of the reconstruction of primitive Christianity advanced by Walter Bauer in Orthodoxy and Heresy in Earliest Christianity. The theory that so-called heretical movements were early, widespread, and strong. By citing the lack of data extensive enough to warrant such conclusions.

Biblical Interpretation using Archaeological Evidence, 1900-1930
 Elliott, Mark
2002 0-7734-7146-4 316 pages
This study explores how traditional scholars seized upon archaeology to advocate biblical truth. It examines the conflict between critical theories of biblical interpretation and traditional methods. It delineates the tension between scholarship and the business of theology in the process of evaluation of the archaeological evidence at the beginning of the 20th century.

Bibliography of Sources in Christianity and the Arts
 Kari, Daven M.
1995 0-7734-9094-9 773 pages
This work offers lists of bibliographies, key works in the arts and works treating Christianity and the arts. Works have been selected primarily for their utility to those conducting research in the fine arts relating to Christianity and religion. General categories covered include bibliographies of bibliographies, aesthetics, architecture, cinema, dance and mime, drama and rhetoric, electronic communications (radio, TV, and video), fabric arts, literature, music, photography, visual arts (calligraphy to sculpture), wit and humor. Each major section and many smaller sections begin with brief reviews of scholarship in the subject, including references to the best works for beginners and specialists. Overviews also contain cross-references to related works in other sections.

Bibliography on Scripture and Christian Ethics
 Bretzke, James T.
1997 0-7734-8460-4 376 pages
This comprehensive and ecumenical bibliography of titles related to Scripture and ethics includes books and periodicals in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Many entries contain brief annotations which indicate their scope or thesis. Entries are arranged both according to the Old and New Testament, as well as the individual books and/or authors. Entries are also given in certain key thematic issues, such as methodology of the interplay and usage of the Bible in ethics, liberation theology and Scripture, biblical authority, feminist issues in biblical hermeneutics, and a number of theological themes such as justice and righteousness, the love command, law and gospel, sin and reconciliation, etc. Finally, entries are provided which cover a number of particular ethical themes such as ecology, economics, medical ethics, sexual ethics and gender issues, war and peace. A final section gathers titles which were published prior to the Second Vatican Council, which marked a watershed for the greater appropriation of Scripture in the discipline of Roman Catholic moral theology. This bibliography provides an overview of the vast array of material available, topics covered and approaches used by authors writing in the five principal Indo-European languages, but also representing all the major Christian traditions, as well as Jewish ethics and material drawn largely from the Old Testament. This work will be a valuable reference guide for any individual research project into any of the various areas of biblical ethics.

Blickling Spirituality and the Old English Vernacular Homily
 Jeffrey, J. Elizabeth
1989 0-88946-315-8 197 pages
A study of the 10th-century Blickling homiliary, one of the most important and least-studied collections of Latin / Anglo-Saxon sermon literature.

Can Muslims and Christians Resolve Their Religious and Social Conflicts? Cases From Africa and the United States
 Iwuchukwu, Marinus
2012 0-7734-3071-7 320 pages
This is a collection of essays that address inter-faith dialogue between Muslims and Christians in America and Africa. It addresses the issues dealing with how some Christians depict America as founded on Christian principles, and how this might deter dialogue across different religions. The goal is to get people to converse, not as formulaic Muslims or Christians, but as people with complex, plural, and ever-changing identities that defuse religious antagonism.

Christian Apologetics in France, 1730-1790. The Roots of Romantic Religion
 Everdell, William R.
1987 0-88946-819-2 346 pages
Shows why and how the anti-religious attitude of Enlightenment writers gave way to the acceptance and even revival of religious sentiment in the early nineteenth century.

Christian Approach to Work and Industry
 Matejko, Alexander J.
1989 0-88946-156-2 450 pages
Provides data and insight to enable business to relate the organizational reality and the socio-economic phenomenon of work/duty to the Christian moral tradition.

Christian Approaches to Dialogue with Other Faith Communities
 Mereweather-Thompson, C.
1995 0-7734-8979-7 148 pages
This study examines whether dialogue and mission are incompatible or complementary. It highlights the differences of opinion among scholars of different theological persuasions, including the world councils approach, Vatican II, and non-Christian religions. The problem that mission encounters is examined from both the Evangelical and Liberal perspectives, as well as the Catholic and Evangelical views as reflected in the ERCDOM report.

Christian Argument for Gays and Lesbians in the Military Essays by Mainline Church Leaders
 Carey, John J.
1993 0-7734-9315-8 58 pages

Christian Ashrams a New Religious Movement in Contemporary India
 Ralston, Helen
1987 0-88946-854-0 150 pages
Focuses on the emergence and development of the Christian ashram (ashram: "a spontaneous community of seekers or disciples gathered around a spiritual leader, called a guru, who points a way toward salvation"). Classifies Christian ashrams as a new religious movement that seeks to amalgamate elements of traditional Christianity and traditional Hinduism in contemporary Indian society.

Christian Cabbalah Movement in Renaissance England and Its Influence on William Shakespeare
 Dureau, Yona
2009 0-7734-4818-7 408 pages
Demonstrates not only how the general situation in Europe, particularly in the Elizabethan government, offered a favorable context for the development of Christian Cabbalah in England, but how the movement informed the work of Shakespeare. It is unique to existing texts in that it stresses the importance of the Christian Cabbalah by singling it out as a distinctive intellectual movement, rather than unite it with other philosophical trends such as Neo-platonism, Jewish Cabbalah, or Rosecrucian theory. This book contains nine black and white photographs.

Christian Catechetical Texts (3 Book Set)
 McDonald, William P.
2011 0-7734-1536-X 1412 pages
This multi-volume collection of catechisms illustrates the variety of methods used in Judeo-Christian religious education through the centuries and allows a cross-denominational and historical comparison of teachings.

Christian Doctrine in the Light of Michael Polanyi's Theory of Personal KnowledgeA Personalist Theology
 Crewdson, Joan
1994 0-7734-9150-3 445 pages
This book shows how Polanyi's theory of personal knowledge provides a framework of interpretation capable of making a theistic view of reality credible. It explores the thesis that we live in an open and personal universe, with persons as the highest product of the evolutionary process. The nature of the personal must ultimately be understood in the light of what God is. Such an understanding allows us to see God and creation as a single order of personal reality, in which God is both transcendent and immanent. This thesis is explored with particular reference to the doctrines of creation, the trinity, the incarnation and the kingdom of God. "Beginning from Polyani, Miss Crewdson has gone on to construct a wide-ranging philosophy of religion and to draw from it some implications for problems of Christian theology. . . . It is impossible in a short review to do justice to the rich intellectual and spiritual texture of Miss Crewdson's work." - The Expository Times

Christian Faith and Practice of Samuel Johnson, Thomas De Quincey and Thomas Love Peacock
 Tomkinson, Neil
1992 0-7734-9194-5 284 pages
The religious views of these three writers have been extracted from their works and reported conversations in as much detail as possible and have been compared and contrasted within the framework of the beliefs and doctrines of the Church of England (to which Johnson and De Quincey belonged). Peacock belonged to no church but had his connections with religion, in that his wife was a member of the Church of Wales and his four children were all baptised in the Church of England. This work examines in detail their views on religious upbringing, clergy, worship, faith, sin, and death.

Christian Foundations of Criminal Responsibility. A Philosophical Study of Legal Reasoning
 Crawford, J. M. B.
1991 0-88946-979-2 528 pages
A treatise on the medieval and Christian foundation of common law. Argues that intellectual sources for the concept known in criminal law as intention or mens rea owe a debt to various Christian writings and philosophy.

Christian Household: A Sermonic Treatise
 Seidel, Dietrich
1991 0-88946-360-3 268 pages
Nine sermons, covering such topics as marriage, child-rearing, hospitality, charity, and domestic staff.

Christian Inscription at Pompeii
 Berry, Paul
1995 0-7734-8899-5 84 pages

Christian Institute for the Study of Religion and Society, a Research Arm of Christian Churches in India
 Thompson, Frank
1992 0-7734-9158-9 164 pages
This study follows an evolution of thinking within the CISRS about Indian society, about the study of Indian religion, and about key social issues which are themselves replete with questions about the role of religion in social life. Thus, there are chapters exploring issues confronted by dalits (`the oppressed', Untouchables and other traditionally disadvantaged people), tribal people, and women.

Christian Marriage Today- Growth or Breakdown ?
 Buijs, Joseph
1984 0-88946-707-2 153 pages
Examines the historical, sociological, legal, philosophical, and theological background of modern attitudes toward sexuality and marriage.

Christian Mission and Religious Dialogue
 Mojzes, Paul
1991 0-88946-520-7 288 pages
Provides a balanced discussion representing different denominations, nationalities, church positions, and viewpoints on how to deal with the truth claims of other religions. Essays written in response to Jozef Cardinal Tomko's address, "Missionary Challenges to the Theology of Salvation."

Christian Pacifism Confronts German Nationalism - The Ecumenical Movement and the Cause of Peace in Germany, 1914-1933
 Jenkins, Julian
2002 0-7734-7137-5 520 pages

Christian Realism of Reinhold Niebuhr and the Political Theology of Jurgen Moltmann in Dialogue the Realism of Hope
 Cornelison, Robert Thomas
1993 0-7734-9805-2 240 pages
After an examination of the contexts within which each theologian develops his thought, individual chapters are devoted to a comparison and evaluation of their views of the relationship of God and world, perspectives on history and their anthropological understandings. Examines their ethical thought in regard to their positions on utopia and realism, and to the problem of order in society. The conclusion points to the necessity of developing some rapprochement of their perspectives in an attempt to ameliorate many of the weaknesses of each position taken individually.

The Political Role of the Patriarch
 McCallum, Fiona
2010 0-7734-3704-5 316 pages
This study examines the political role of the two main Christian communities in the Middle East, the Copts and the Maronites. Current theoretical debates on the relationship between religion and politics, as well as secularization and the role of religious pluralism in state formation and national integration, are presented.

Christian Soldier/Martyrs of the Roman Empire, The First Century to the Fourth Century A.D. (Including a Compendium of Over 200 Soldier/Martyrs with Brief Biographies for Each
 Donalson, Malcolm Drew
2016 0-4955-0524-3 180 pages
This work addresses the subject of Roman soldiers who, due to difficult circumstances, ended their lives as Christian martyrs. It looks at as a whole at Roman soldiers , whose martyrdoms insured that they were chief agents in the diffusion of the Christian faith throughout the Roman world, exemplifying Tertullian's famous reference to the blood of martyrs as the seed of Christians. Perhaps paradoxically, while these soldiers' martyrdoms provided moving testimony at the of dreadful events, it was their commemoration by the Church that was such a powerful factor in the continuing Christianization of late Roman life and culture.

Christian Theology in a Contemporary World
 Ayers, Robert H.
1997 0-7734-8739-5 240 pages
This study by a distinguished theologian is an effort to rethink the basic tenets of faith, to organize this thinking in a systematic fashion, and form a rational apology for these tenets. The author rebels against the irrational noncognitivism found in some contemporary theologies, is skeptical about the worth of current theological fads. This study explicates and defends a viable theology which can legitimately be called Christian and at the same time make sense in the contemporary world.

Via Universalis
 Merkley, Paul C.
2001 0-7734-7512-5 236 pages
The study addresses the post-Christian philosophy of history which is rooted in the 18th century, and whose anthropological assumptions now inform the college textbooks in world history. It develops some insights drawn from biblical theology which contribute to a Christian understanding of history. The argument of the book will engage scholars in philosophy of history, biblical theology, and historical theology. It will find a place in contemporary academic discussion about meaning in history in the post-Modernist age.

Christian Warrior in the Twentieth Century
 Davies, Jon
1995 0-7734-9034-5 182 pages
This study traces the long evolution of the male military-heroic tradition of the West and its reinvigoration by Christian theology and ecclesiology. It shows how this heroic tradition lies behind notions of national and gender identity, and how, with the shared symbolism of war remembrance and war memorials, this century comes to an end in an elaboration of a common, sacralised bellicognisant Eurochristian culture. It concludes with an analysis of the working out of this culture in debates about 'War Crimes', masculine concepts of 'Duty' and a war (The Gulf War) on Eurochristianity's frontier with Islam.

Christian, Buddhist, and Confucian Protests Against Military Bases in Okinawa: A Study of Seven Religious Leaders
 Hunt III, William Walter
2008 0-7734-5081-5 216 pages
This work examines the relationship between religion and protest on the Japanese island of Okinawa by analyzing the intertwining of various religious beliefs, colonialism, and politics in the region.

Churches of the Restoration. A Study in Origins
 Turner, George Allen
1994 0-7734-9843-5 276 pages
In western church history, the movement which sought to go further than the Protestant Reformation has been called both the "Radical Reformation" and the "Free Church", as distinct from the national churches, such as the Church of England. They demanded a restoration of the "primitive church" reflected in the New Testament. This movement emerged in seven major branches: Pietists, Anabaptists, Brethren, Puritans, Methodists, Christians (Disciples), and Pentecostals. Each of these claimed to be nearer the primitive church than the others. In this research, the claim of each is compared with the New Testament for appraisal and evaluation. The eighth chapter concentrates on the churches reflected in the New Testament (cf. Minear, Aune).

Classical Christian God
 Kennard, Douglas W.
2002 0-7734-7223-1 228 pages
The classical Christian God (in the heritage of Augustine, Aquinas, Calvin and Edwards) is being assailed today by a range of alternative proposals. This irenic statement and defense of the classical Christian God shows the strengths of this model. It offers a provocative integration of biblical, historical and philosophical theology often neglected by scholars on these traditions.

Clement of Alexandria’s Reinterpretation of Divine Providence: The Christianization of the Hellenistic Idea of pronoia
 Ewing, Jon D.
2008 0-7734-5036-X 288 pages
This work examines the ways in which the early Christian author, Clement of Alexandria, was able to creatively synthesize disparate Biblical, Hellenistic Jewish, Platonic and Stoic understandings of the concept of divine providence. After an initial look at Clement’s socio-historical environment, the study focuses on specific conceptual development of providence and how this term was utilized and understood in its respective milieux.

Confucian-Christian Encounters in Historical and Contemporary Perspective
 Lee, Peter K. H.
1991 0-88946-521-5 500 pages
A re-examination of the respective roles of Confucianism and Christianity in the modern world, the challenges they face, and what they might contribute to the development of world civilization for the 21st century.

Correspondence of Abel Boyer, Huguenot Refugee (1667-1729)
 Barrell, Rex A.
1992 0-7734-9488-X 240 pages
This important and prolific writer (author of the first truly scientific French-English, English-French dictionary, as well as numerous translations, commentaries, and major studies) has been much neglected. He was an active intermediary between European and English writers in the Republic of Letters. This edition of the extant correspondence includes letters which exist only in manuscript, and others published in the eighteenth century by Boyer himself but without annotation. This study examines the letters in depth.

Critical Review of Racial Theology in South Africa. The Apartheid Bible
 Loubser, J. A.
1990 0-7734-9794-3 224 pages
Addresses the question of whether South Africa will succeed in building a non-racial and democratic society out of the ruins of apartheid. Describes the philosophy that led to the acceptance by the Dutch Reformed Church of biblical proofs for apartheid in 1943 and eventually led to its rejection in 1986. Makes a structural analysis of South African history, showing the interaction between social realities and white theology in each succeeding phase, in an effort to improve the fact that although "apartheid watchers" and interpreters of contemporary South African society recognize the importance of the Afrikaana churches in the political process, they often find it difficult to assess the role of the churches.

Cultic Motif in the Spirituality of the Book of Hebrews
 Pursiful, Darrell J.
1993 0-7734-2376-1 208 pages
This book begins with the assumption that cultus in Hebrews is a mode of discourse whereby the author intends to communicate something important about his conceptualization of Christian existence. He is seen to be quite at home with the attitudes and assumptions about ritual common in pre-industrial societies, and the work concludes that the Hebrews was in fact written as a pastoral response to a need for cultic religious expression. Given the supreme importance of cultic religious expression in antiquity, for Christians to find themselves without an external cultus presented a grave crisis of faith. They study examines why cultus boasts such a central role in pre-industrial religion, and then offers some suggestions toward incorporating the cultically-centered spirituality of Hebrews into modern Christian devotion.

Domestic Mysticism in Margery Kempe and Dame Julian of Norwich. The Transformation of Christian Spirituality in the Late Middle Ages
 Roman, Christopher
2005 0-7734-6081-0 252 pages
By using the familial relationship as a referent for their metaphors, mystics speak of the ways in which they understand God’s motherhood, fatherhood, childhood, brotherhood, sisterhood and spousehood. In the same way, these mystics indicate the spiritual possibilities of family relationships. Julian of Norwich and Margery Kempe use metaphorical discourse that creates familial relationships between themselves and God, their community, and ultimately, their readers. For these mystics interested in seeing God in the everyday, the divine and secular cannot be separated.

Ecclesial dimension of personal and social reform in the writings of Isaac Thomas Hecker
 Hostetter, Larry
2001 0-7734-7332-7 586 pages
This study explores the nature of the dependence of Christian ethics on religious faith from the perspective of Isaac Hecker. In Hecker’s writings there is a clear connection between personal and social ethics and the mission of the Church. Hecker’s insights shed further light on the contemporary question of the Church’s relationship to the reform of the individual and society. His works are studied within the narrative context of his life, and the study also includes the wider picture of Hecker’s place in the 19th century.

Eminent Hebrew Christians of the Nineteenth Century. Brief Biographical Sketches
 Meyer, Louis
1983 0-88946-806-0 183 pages
The volume of 21 biographical sketches left by Louis Meyer, the Hebrew-Christian missionary to the Jews, at the time of his death in 1913.

English Edition of Bruno Bauer’s 1843 Christianity Exposed. A Recollection of the Eighteenth Century and a Contribution to the Crisis of the Nineteenth Century
 Ziegler, Esther
2002 0-7734-7183-9 160 pages
Bruno Bauer wrote scores of scholarly books which were widely quoted. He was a mentor to Marx and an elder mentor to Nietzsche, and his controversial theology impelled the Prussian government to ban him from lecturing. This remarkable work, first banned, and then ignored contains historical clues into the temper of the time. He advanced Hegel’s theological phenomenology, especially with his treatment of the moment of transition from Stoicism to Christianity.

English Translation and Commentary on Origo Constantini Imperatoris/ How Constantine Became Emperor (the Anonymus Valesianus: Pars Prior) Together with a Critical Textual Analysis of the Later Christian Interpretations
 Stevenson, Nicholas G.
2015 1-4955-0283-X 184 pages
An inspiring new addition to the translated literature on the Constantine era. This work appeals to a broad audience and is a godsend to scholars and students interested in the historical biography of Constantine the Great and the correlating studies of late antiquity and early Christianity.

Ethical Responsibility Bonhoeffer's Legacy to the Churches
 Godsey, John
1982 0-88946-960-1 340 pages
The first volume of a series of Bonhoeffer studies undertaken by the International Bonhoeffer Society.

Eucharistia in Philo
 Laporte, Jean
1983 0-88946-601-7 261 pages
A careful study of eucharistia (`thanksgiving') and related words as used by one of the greatest Jewish exegetes, mystics, and apologists, Philo (c. 20 b.c. - c. 50 a.d.).

Eve in Three Traditions and Literatures - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
 Caspi, Mishael
2004 0-7734-6490-5 272 pages
This book revives the tradition of Eve in three traditions and literatures. The discussion of Islamic material is particularly valuable, since it examines the exchanges of ideas between early Islam and Judaism. It displays an amazing ability to uncover irony and sarcasm in ancient writings that have a profound implication for understanding ancient religion, and also examines contemporary references to Eve.

Examination of the Problems of Inclusive Language in the Trinitarian Formula of Baptism
 Scirghi, Thomas J.
2000 0-7734-7883-3 280 pages
The recent attempts to change the traditional Trinitarian formula in baptism in order to rid it of masculine language raises questions concerning the nature of revelation and tradition. The study also examines the work of feminist theology which has provided a means for a radical rethinking of religious experience.

Five Studies in the Thought of Herman Bavinck: A Creator of Modern Dutch Theology
 Bolt, John
2012 0-7734-2574-8 212 pages

Following Joseph Campbell's Lead in Search of Jesus' Father
 Frost, William P.
1991 0-88946-249-6 278 pages
Searches for "ultimate meaning: the basic religious dimension, that transcendent quality by which existence, happiness, and human suffering, hopes and expectations, heroic sacrifice and the affirmation of life, love and death receive some perspective".

Formulation of Christianity by Conflict Through the Ages
 Free, Katherine B.
1995 0-7734-8926-6 292 pages
These papers examine the formulation of the Christian individual from conflicts with rival ideologies, from periods of repression and persecution, and from changing social realities. The theme is two-pronged: the first is early Christianity and the ancient world, a consideration of the competition of early Christianity with other religions as well as with late classical philosophy; the second is Christianity today in Eastern Europe as it emerges from repression and competition with Communism and the challenges of resurgent nationalism. The papers are from the conference Crisis of Cultures and the Birth of Faith, held at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, in September 1993.

Future of Jewish-Christian Dialogue
 Cohn-Sherbok, Daniel
1999 0-7734-7923-6 204 pages

German Church Struggle
 Littell, Franklin H.
1990 0-7734-9995-4 336 pages
A volume of basic studies by world-renowned specialists in nazism. Contributors include Eberhard Bethge, Wilhelm Niemöller, Henry Friedlander, Elie Wiesel, and Theodore Gill.

Gramscian Analysis of the Role of Religion in Politics. Case Studies in Domination, Accommodation, and Resistance in Africa and Europe
 Simms, Rupe
2010 0-7734-3754-1 324 pages
Gramscian theory is examined as an interpretive grid in examining the use of Christianity by European colonizers to facilitate their oppression of Africans on the continent and in diaspora. The work clarifies how the western powers utilized their religion in North America, Ghana, South Africa, and Kenya to justify their exploitation of Blacks and how many Africans, as Christian converts, assisted them to accomplish their imperialist goals. In addition, this research explains how other Blacks, in these same locations, interpreted their own religious tradition or revised western Christianity to form liberatory ideologies that legitimated their struggle for freedom and inspired their communities to oppose subordination.

Herbert Butterfield and the Reinterpretation of the Christian Historical Perspective
 Thorp, Malcolm R.
1998 0-7734-8506-6 260 pages
This study is a critical but sympathetic look at the important themes that Butterfield developed as a Christian historian. Based largely on the extensive collection of Butterfield papers at the Cambridge University Library, this study breaks with previous works on Butterfield by McIntyre and Coll on several points. It explores the radical dimensions of his thought on Christianity and demonstrates that he was not only trenchantly critical of political and religious establishments, but also held some unconventional views about biblical criticism and the role of Providence. It also explores systematically his 'scientific' approach to history, arguing that he was highly influenced by Leopold von Ranke.

Historical Argument for the Resurrection of Jesus During the Deist Controversy
 Craig, William Lane
1985 0-88946-811-7 474 pages
A study of apologetical arguments of anti-Deist thinkers, tracing a series from Vives' De veritate fidei christianae (1543) to Paley's Evidences of Christianity (1794).

History of the Charismatic Movement in Britain and the United States of America. The Pentecostal Transformation of Christianity
 Hunt, Stephen
2009 0-7734-4681-8 848 pages
This extensive volume examines Neo-Pentecostalism’s significance in the Western cultural context and brings a comparative account of neo-Pentecostalism in the USA and Britain. Although primarily sociological in emphasis, the volume also offers deep historical analysis and theological reflection.

History of the Dalit Christians of India
 Webster, John C. B.
1992 0-7734-9867-2 260 pages
This is the first attempt to write the history of the Dalit Christians. Between ten and fifteen percent of all Dalits in India are Christians. Between two-thirds and three-quarters of all Christians in India are Dalits. Dalit is an India term which means broken or oppressed, and refers to those also called untouchables. After a brief discussion of the origins of caste and untouchability, Webster traces their history within the context of the wider Dalit movement from the mass conversion movements of the late 19th century, through the religious competition and nationalist politics of the 1920s and 1930s, to the present post-independence period through 1990 when the government of India adopted a policy of compensatory or protective discrimination towards Dalits. The book concludes with a chapter on the history of Christian theological reflections vis-a-vis the Dalits.

Holy Scriptures as Justifications for War
 Randall, Albert B.
2007 0-7734-5217-6 280 pages
This study explores in literalism and inerrancy as the interpretive basis of some Jewish, Christian and Muslim justifications of acts of violence. In the end, an argument is made, on historical, scriptural, moral and theological grounds, rejecting Holy War as a perversion of God’s creation.

How Abanyole African Widows Understand Christ: Explaining Redemption Through the Propagation of Lineage
 Maseno-Ouma, Loreen Iminza
2014 0-7734-2575-6 300 pages
Christianity has become a major influence on African life. This book studies the way that sixteen African widows cope with grief by turning to Christology. Their daily lives are documented and show that they survive through their faith in Jesus. Most of them pray almost everyday, and their relationship with God reflects the different ways that each of them experiences grief. Several of the widows lacked genuine and binding companionship because people consider them burdens. So they stay away from public spaces and feel lonely, which could be the reason why they compensate by creating a relationship with God. Most of these women also conceal their loneliness because it often creates worry and anxiety in their children so they cry alone and in private.

How Immigrant Christians Living in Mixed Cultures Interpret Their Religion
 Kato, Julius-Kei
2012 0-7734-3919-6 384 pages
This study is the first to examine the significance of diasporic hybridity for hermeneutics and the question of Christian identity among Asian American immigrants.

How Jonah is Interpreted in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: Essays on the Authenticity and Influence of the Biblical Prophet
 Caspi, Mishael
2011 0-7734-3931-6 380 pages
This collection of essays is the first to examine the role of Jonah within the broader context of Nevi’im as interpreted by scholars of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The book provides multiple interpretations from a variety angles on the parable of Jonah. Such analyses include examining the tale from the perspectives of sin, drama, animal rights, education, and visual representations. At the same time, the book engages other biblical and prophetic texts. Despite the sheer depth and breadth of the subject, the book remains accessible to academics and non-academics alike.

How Should a Christian Die?
 Richardson, Herbert W.
2013 0-7734-2619-1 60 pages
This monograph is a reflective journey about life and death by the Harvard and University of Toronto Professor, Herbert Richardson. Richardson explores the hardship of life and the spiritual suffering of a Christian trying to follow in the path of Jesus by contextualizing these ideas via the stages of life one passes through. By suffering like Christ, individuals are able to construct for themselves a life and a death that holds meaning because of what they did while on earth.

How the early Church Fathers Misinterpreted the Hebrew Bible to Promote Hostility toward the Jewish People: A Study in “Blaming the Victim”
 Evans, Roger S.
2014 0-7734-4263-4 388 pages
A revealing examination of the development of religious animosity through the manufacturing of an anti-Semitic and anti-Judaism atmosphere that remains widespread in Christian society today. This study uncovers how the early Christian Church Fathers’ torturous manipulation of the Hebrew Bible, caused the marginalization of the Jews socially, economically, legally, theologically, and spiritually.

How to Develop Lay Ministry with a Local Church: Enlarging Personal Faith Through Christian Leadership
 Holsinger, Jr., James W.
2010 0-7734-3593-X 132 pages
Although the use of a secular model for mentoring new Christian disciples may seem strange, this study compares Situational Leadership to the leadership principles of the Apostle Paul as means of demonstrating its efficacy as a method for mentoring new disciples.

How to Experience the Spiritual Meaning of Gospel Texts: The Psychology of Reading Mystically
 Amalraj, Loyola
2010 0-7734-3814-9 184 pages
This study presents a psychological understanding of the prayer exercises of the mystics. It examines the spiritual unconscious, supporting its assertions with clinical evidence. The work asserts how contemplative prayer practices affect brain hemispheres by quieting the left brain and enabling the right brain to journey to the deepest part of consciousness.

Hybridization of an Assembly of God Church - Proselytism, Retention, and Re-affiliation
 Gold, Malcolm
2003 0-7734-6597-9 374 pages
This study provides a qualitative analysis of an Assembly of God Pentecostal church in the North East of England. The research employed an ethnographic framework incorporating overt participant observation and in-depth interviews over a one-year period. In addition, a number of other churches (of varying denominations) were observed. The study challenges former interpretations within the sociology of religion regarding membership and recruitment, and offers new perspectives. The project gives an account of a synthesis between classical Pentecostals and the Charismatic movement that is creating a distinct form of spiritual expression resulting in a hybrid church. Once the preserve of the working classes, Pentecostalism in Britain is now much more socially and economically diverse in its membership.

Images of Sanctity in Eddius Stephanus' Life of Bishop Wilfrid, an Early English Saint's Life
 Foley, William Trent
1992 0-7734-9513-4 196 pages
Narrative sources for early Anglo-Saxon church history reveal more than insights into the ecclesiastical and dynastic struggles of the time. It explores the Life of Bishop Wilfrid, an eighth-century account of a famous Anglo-Saxon abbot and bishop of Hexham, with an eye to exposing and analyzing the convictions of Wilfrid's biographer. Argues that the portrayal of Wilfrid's seemingly abrasive brand of sanctity approximates more closely the New Testament image of the holy man than other early English portrayals, especially the first portrayal of St. Cuthbert.

Influence of Augustine of Hippo on the Orthodox Church
 Azkoul, Michael
1991 0-88946-733-1 312 pages
Shows that Augustine created a "Greek-Christian synthesis" based on Neo-Platonism, which removes him from the Orthodox mind and the Patristic tradition. Argues that the theology of Augustine is not the apex of the Patristic tradition, but the beginning of a new one, and is incompatible with the theology of the Orthodox Church, with the difference between the two accounting in part for the separation of Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism.

Interpreting the Bible in Theology and the Church
 Vander Goot, Henry
1984 0-88946-701-3 120 pages
Presents the thesis that the interpretation of the Christian faith gained from the Bible exists in the community of believers prior to theological and other scientific study. ". . . a lucid and concise presentation." - Anakainosis

Iraqi Assyrian Christians in London, the Construction of Ethnicity
 Al-Rasheed, Madawi
1998 0-7734-8251-2 260 pages
Based on an in-depth study of one of the oldest Middle Eastern immigrant communities in London, the Assyrians are a minority within the London Iraqi minority and such represent an interesting case of an ethnic group trying construct their difference in the host society. This volume examines previous literature on ethnicity and its revival, challenging established perceptions of the concept. Assyrian ethnicity is a process which involves the production of narratives defining themselves as people and a set of strategies enforcing this definition.

Islamic, Hindu, and Christian Fundamentalism Compared - Public Policy in Global Perspective
 Saha, Santosh C.
2003 0-7734-6769-6 340 pages
These essays examine the extent of religious influence on governmental and public policies, covering recent issues and many countries. The authors are highly-recognized scholars in religious, historical and political science disciplines.

Jesus' Last Passover Meal
 Smith, Barry D.
1993 0-7734-2370-2 232 pages
The goal of this work is a historical reconstruction of the Last Supper, of not only the who, what, where, and when, but also the why. It begins with a detailed account of how a typical first-century Passover would have proceeded, and then moves into a literary-critical analysis of the relevant New Testament texts.

Jewish-Christian Relations in Eigthteenth-Century Germany
 Dowdey, David
2006 0-7734-5912-X 156 pages
For centuries, the Jewish population of Europe has been subjected to dehumanization. Studies of European history, culture, and religion often assume that anti-Semitism is a specifically Christian phenomenon. This study sketches the historical background of anti-Semitism and extensively examines publications of the Institutum Judaicum in Halle as well as other pertinent archival materials, endeavoring to delineate some of the key people – particularly Johann Heinrich Callenberg – and how they contributed to rehumanizing the Jews.

Jews, Christians and Religious Pluralism
 Cohn-Sherbok, Daniel
1999 0-7734-7920-1 352 pages
This volume provides a survey of writers in the Jewish and Christian traditions, from biblical times to the present, who have sought to understand the relationship between their own faith and that of others. Throughout, readers are encouraged to engage in this debate by reflecting on the diverse views of nearly a hundred ancient, medieval and modern thinkers.

John Foxe, Evangelicalism, and the Oxford Movement Dialogue Across the Centuries
 Penny, D. Andrew
2002 0-7734-7289-4 236 pages
Samuel Roffey Maitland waged a vituperative crusade in the 19th century against John Foxe, the editors of the Acts and Monuments, and the work itself. Through a careful examination of Maitland’s extensive writings, this book attempts to show whether Maitland was justified in his assessment of Foxe’s place in the English Reformation, Foxe’s role in determining the eventual nature of the Church of England, and whether Maitland was indispensable to the undermining of Foxe, his circle, and his works. It also provides a detailed study of George Townsend, who wrote a biographical study of John Foxe for the first edition; and also studies of Stephen Reed Cattley, the editor of the first edition, and of John Stoughton, who wrote a new biographical introduction for the fourth Victorian edition. “. . . a well-researched and convincingly argued study. It makes a very significant contribution to the historical understanding of the early Victorian church and its controversies. . . . provides a detailed history of the publication of the four Victorian editions of Acts and Monuments, as least as far as the surviving sources allow. It also places the project within the context of the growing controversies over Tractarianism and the Oxford Movement in the 1830s and 1840s. . . . It is a significant contribution to knowledge and a highly interesting story, all in one.” – Ronald Fritze

John Tyndall's Transcendental Materialism and the Conflict Between Religion and Science in Victorian England
 Kim, Stephen S.
1996 0-7734-2278-1 230 pages
This is a study of the contribution to the secularization of Victorian culture made by John Tyndall, who, as a natural philosopher and colleague of Charles Darwin, Thomas Huxley, and Louis Pasteur, succeeded Michael Farady as the Superintendent of the Royal Institution of Great Britain in 1870. He occupies a central place in the history of the establishment of scientific naturalism, contributing to the intellectual and cultural transformation of Victorian England. This study examines the relation between theology and science, which occasioned a major shift in the way the self, nature, and the cosmos were understood.

La Nostalgie du Désert the Eremitical Ideal in Castile During the Golden Age
 Saint-Saens, Alain
1993 0-7734-9804-4 300 pages

Letter Collections of Arnulf of Lisieux
 Schriber, Carolyn
1997 0-7734-8689-5 340 pages
First English translation of Arnulf of Lisieux' letters (1141-1181). Arnulf was deeply involved with many major events of the twelfth century. His correspondents included kings, popes, cardinals, fellow bishops, abbots, scholars, and friends. He worked closely with Bernard of Clairvaux, accompanied Louis VII and Eleanor of Aquitaine on the Second Crusade, and was an early advocate of young Duke Henry of Normandy in his campaign to become Henry II of England and later served Henry's court in several capacities. His actions in the Becket controversy extended to engineering the final settlement that brought Henry to his knees at the altar of Canterbury.

Matthew's Narrative Use of Galilee in the Multicultural and Missiological Journeys of Jesus
 Hertig, Paul
1998 0-7734-2444-X 204 pages
Matthew deals with underlying tensions created by synagogues which were isolated from the multicultural context of Galilee and churches which were contextualized in multicultural settings, attempting to bridge these opposing constituencies through a three-horizon hermeneutic: the Galilee of the Gentiles text of Isaiah 9:1,2; contemporary Judaism; and the missionary church in a multicultural context. This study provides insights into the historical background of Galilee in a first-century multicultural context. The multicultural foundations of the Matthean community have implications for contemporary mission practice. This study brings together ecclesiology and missiology, long separated, which must be bridged according to Matthew's holistic model of church and mission in dynamic partnership.

Mennonite Identity in Conflict
 Driedger, Leo
1988 0-88946-855-9 240 pages
Mennonites form an excellent group for studying the struggle for identity because they still comprise one of the most markedly rural ethno-religious groups in North America but are urbanizing faster than most others: flocking to cities, universities, and professions. This study illustrates how they have survived, how they are changing, and how they have dealt with internal and external conflict in the process.

Ministry of John Knox - Pastor, Preacher, and Prophet
 Kyle, Richard
2002 0-7734-6977-X 252 pages

Modern Buddhist-Christian Dialogue: Two Universalistic Religions in Transformation
 Ingram, Paul O.
1987 0-88946-490-1 448 pages
A discussion of contemporary Buddhist-Christian dialogue between process theologians and Pure Land Buddhists, with an analysis of their transformation and theological structures in the "post-Christian" era of religious and secular pluralism.

A Comparative Study
 Creel, Austin
1990 0-88946-502-9 608 pages
Papers focusing, from the viewpoints of history, history of religions, sociology , and anthropology, on a comparative study of monasticism in the two traditions.

Mystic Themes in Walter Hilton's Scale of Perfection
 Cleve, Gunnel
1993 0-7734-0596-8 201 pages
Among the major religious treatises written in fourteenth-century England, The Scale of Perfection of Walter Hilton maintains a secure place. The Scale is a guide to the contemplative life in two books of more than 40,000 words each and is notable not only for the careful exploration of its religious themes, but as a principal monument of Middle English prose. Although we know relatively little about the author of the treatise, we have more information about Walter Hilton than is known about many authors of medieval texts. He was a member of the religious order known as the Augustinian Canons, and died at the Augustinian Priory of Thurgarton in Nottinghamshire in 1396.1 There is reason to believe that he was trained in canon law and studied at the University of Cambridge. The exact date of his birth is unknown, but it is thought to be around 1343.

Narrative Rhetorical Analysis of Six Hollywood Films About Christ, 1912-2004: The Romanticization of Sacrificial Death
 Burton, Aaron V.
2014 0-7734-4367-3 168 pages
An excellent historical study contributing to the areas of religion, pop culture and rhetoric of Christian themed films about Jesus Christ. The author provides an added dimension of context to his analysis by discussing the cultural milieu that influenced the production, the marketing and the portrayal of the Christ character in these selected films.
Dr Burton’s book discusses popular film interpretations of Christ’s life and how the films’ narratives function rhetorically in an attempt to understand the ways that films about Jesus aid in spreading the message of the Gospels.

Nazi State and New Religions Five Case Studies in Nonconformity
 King, Christine
1982 0-88946-865-6 350 pages

New Studies in Bonhoeffer's Ethics
 Peck, William J.
1997 0-88946-775-7 284 pages
Addresses the paradox that scholars have neglected the very work that Bonhoeffer hoped would be his crowning achievement, his study of Christian ethics. Concluding that the reason for this omission was not simple neglect but the uncertain state of the text, contributing authors offer insights and solutions for the textual problems posed by Bonhoeffer's Ethics.

Non-Violence as Central to Christian Spirituality. Perspectives From Scripture to the Present
 Culliton, Joseph T.
1982 0-88946-964-4 312 pages
Eleven original essays on non-violence according to the Old Testament, the New Testament, and Christian leaders/theologians.

Of Heaven and Earth
 Crane, Bo
1992 0-7734-9869-9 232 pages
Explores the pre-Christian religious background of European peoples to see why they received christianity more readily than did the peoples of the Mid-East where it originated. The query results in a wonderful quest to Babylon, the Black Sea, to St. Athanasius and Attila the Hun, and of course, through the Bible itself in tracing its references. Examines the personae of the gods, the Old Testament, the time of Christ, and the spreading of the gospel.

Office of Christ and its Expression in the Church: Prophet, Priest, King
 Williams, David Tudor
1997 0-7734-2425-3 348 pages
The Reformers saw the three occupations of prophet, priest, king in the Old Testament as completely fulfilled in Christ and expressed in his work of salvation. This is now becoming the case in other traditions. The office thus leads to a fuller understanding of the work of Christ. Even problems such as the old chestnut of predestination and free will yield to this approach. This book investigates the paradigm of prophet, priest and king in the belief that a fuller understanding of what God provided for Israel, fulfilled in Christ and extended to the Church, will provide the groundwork for a more Biblical approach to many of the problems that the modern Church is facing. It examines this not only in the experience of Western churches, but also specifically in the changing expression of Christianity in the African churches.

On the Condition of Labor and the Social Question One Hundred Years Later Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Rerum Novarum, and the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Association for Social Economics
 Nitsch, Thomas O.
1994 0-7734-9069-8 620 pages
Papers from the Sixth World Congress of Social Economics, Omaha, Nebraska, August 9-11, 1991. The papers range from reflections on early-Christian to modern-Catholic social thought and doctrine; Marxian and Islamic perspectives of an ideological/praxeological nature; contemporary issues of organized labor, poverty and income distribution; social insurance and health care; systemic change, etc., in the United States, Western Europe, Southern Africa, the (former) Soviet Union, et al. Includes an annotated version of the original Program, opens with a Foreword by the President of Creighton University, followed by the Editor's Introduction, the Apostolic Blessing of Pope John Paul II conveyed by the Secretary of the State of the Vatican, the Welcoming Remarks of the Deans of Business Administration at the two co-sponsoring universities (Creighton and Marquette), and the Invited Presentations of the Archbishop of Saint Paul-Minneapolis and the President of the Catholic University of America.

On the Erudition of the Historical St. Patrick
 Herbenick, Raymond M.
2000 0-7734-7738-1 164 pages
This monograph supports and advances the revolutionary views of Celtic scholar David R. Howlett. This work discusses points such as the compositional skill level of the historical St. Patrick and the thematic level of understanding in his use of a pentagonal structure of the Pentateuch, as well as the five collections of the sayings of Jesus in the Gospel of St. Matthew on which he likely modeled the thematic structure of his Confession according to Howlett. This monograph demonstrates that the historical St. Patrick might well be considered not only as a first-rate Biblical theologian but as a wise monastic spiritual director versed in moral and pastoral theology.

Origin and Development of the Christian Liturgy According to Cultural Epochs. Vol. 1
 Miklósházy, S.J., Attila
2006 0-7734-5756-9 320 pages
These books on the origin and development of the Christian liturgy are the result of the author’s teaching the subject to university students. It is not an original work, but rather a collection, compendium and thesaurus of historical, and especially liturgical, data through the centuries, with names, dates, and an ample bibliography. This publication is a significant contribution to the liturgical literature, since no book of the history of liturgy exists in the English language.

The history of the liturgy is divided according to cultural epochs. If liturgy is the communal manifestation of religious encounter between God and his people, then this manifestation would be influenced in each age according to certain cultural patterns. The books do not provide the liturgical data in isolation, but considers them within their political, cultural and church-historical context.

The main purpose of the work is to give some tools to readers today for distinguishing the essential, permanent elements of liturgy and its historically conditioned manifestations. At the same time, besides the scientific apparatus of specialized bibliography, the reader will enjoy the political, cultural and ecclesial overview of each epoch before becoming familiar with the changes in the liturgy itself.

Origin and Development of the Christian Liturgy According to Cultural Epochs. Vol. 2
 Miklósházy, S.J., Attila
2006 0-7734-5705-4 568 pages
These books on the origin and development of the Christian liturgy are the result of the author’s teaching the subject to university students. It is not an original work, but rather a collection, compendium and thesaurus of historical, and especially liturgical, data through the centuries, with names, dates, and an ample bibliography. This publication is a significant contribution to the liturgical literature, since no book of the history of liturgy exists in the English language.

The history of the liturgy is divided according to cultural epochs. If liturgy is the communal manifestation of religious encounter between God and his people, then this manifestation would be influenced in each age according to certain cultural patterns. The books do not provide the liturgical data in isolation, but considers them within their political, cultural and church-historical context.

The main purpose of the work is to give some tools to readers today for distinguishing the essential, permanent elements of liturgy and its historically conditioned manifestations. At the same time, besides the scientific apparatus of specialized bibliography, the reader will enjoy the political, cultural and ecclesial overview of each epoch before becoming familiar with the changes in the liturgy itself.

Origin and Development of the Christian Liturgy According to Cultural Epochs. Vol. 1
 Miklósházy, S.J., Attila
2006 0-7734-5707-0 344 pages
These books on the origin and development of the Christian liturgy are the result of the author’s teaching the subject to university students. It is not an original work, but rather a collection, compendium and thesaurus of historical, and especially liturgical, data through the centuries, with names, dates, and an ample bibliography. This publication is a significant contribution to the liturgical literature, since no book of the history of liturgy exists in the English language.

The history of the liturgy is divided according to cultural epochs. If liturgy is the communal manifestation of religious encounter between God and his people, then this manifestation would be influenced in each age according to certain cultural patterns. The books do not provide the liturgical data in isolation, but considers them within their political, cultural and church-historical context.

The main purpose of the work is to give some tools to readers today for distinguishing the essential, permanent elements of liturgy and its historically conditioned manifestations. At the same time, besides the scientific apparatus of specialized bibliography, the reader will enjoy the political, cultural and ecclesial overview of each epoch before becoming familiar with the changes in the liturgy itself.

Origin and Development of the Christian Liturgy According to Cultural Epochs. Vol. 2
 Miklósházy, S.J., Attila
2006 0-7734-5709-7 496 pages
These books on the origin and development of the Christian liturgy are the result of the author’s teaching the subject to university students. It is not an original work, but rather a collection, compendium and thesaurus of historical, and especially liturgical, data through the centuries, with names, dates, and an ample bibliography. This publication is a significant contribution to the liturgical literature, since no book of the history of liturgy exists in the English language.

The history of the liturgy is divided according to cultural epochs. If liturgy is the communal manifestation of religious encounter between God and his people, then this manifestation would be influenced in each age according to certain cultural patterns. The books do not provide the liturgical data in isolation, but considers them within their political, cultural and church-historical context.

The main purpose of the work is to give some tools to readers today for distinguishing the essential, permanent elements of liturgy and its historically conditioned manifestations. At the same time, besides the scientific apparatus of specialized bibliography, the reader will enjoy the political, cultural and ecclesial overview of each epoch before becoming familiar with the changes in the liturgy itself.

Permanence and Evolution of Behavior in Golden Age Spain: Essays in Gender, Body and Religion
 Saint-Saens, Alain
1991 0-7734-9527-4 184 pages
The title comes from three domains within the bounds of Early Modern Spain and follows from the renewal of historical studies dedicated to the Iberian peninsula. The books is divided into three parts: Religious Control and its Limits in the Iberian World; Images of the Body in Spanish Society; and Women, Gender, and Family in Hapsburg Spain.

Perspectives on the Social Gospel Papers from the Inaugural Social Gospel Conference at Colgate Rochester Divinity School
 Evans, Christopher H.
1999 0-7734-8042-0 284 pages
These essays address the important question of defining the term “social gospel”, showing that the social gospel, once seen as a clearly identifiable time period in American religious history, is not as easily defined as once thought, suggesting that it covers a broad spectrum of religious and theological traditions that can point beyond liberal Protestant and North American origins. “. . . this collection seeks to give a more critical and fairer account of the Movement and to trace important continuities in later theology. Many who have read Rauschenbusch directly will welcome such a reassessment. . . . together they give a fresh and balanced perspective.” – Theological Book Review

Philosophy of Michel Henry (1922-2002). A French Christian Phenomenology of Life
 Rebidoux, Michelle
2012 0-7734-2638-8 296 pages
This study looks at the phenomenological work of 20th century French thinker Michel Henry, exploring Henry's work in its various dimensions: in its situatedness within the Western philosophical tradition, such as Meister Eckhart, Descartes, Nietzsche, Husserl, and Jean-Luc Marion; in its dialogue with classic philosophies of the subject and the interior life; in its relation to the question of language and the problem of representationl with regard to ethics, the problem of inter-subjectivity and contemporary philosophies of "the other"; and finally, in terms of its possible contribution to Christian theological thinking today. The author offers her own original critiques of Henry's work.

Pilgrim Experiences the World's Religions: Discovering the Human Faces of the Hidden God
 Milavec, Aaron
1983 0-88946-010-8 87 pages
Covers the spiritual pilgrimage to the holy sites of six major world religions undertaken by the Youth Seminar on World Religions, an event during which 150 young people and professors from 31 nations traveled around the world together to view the historical settings of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism.

Praxis-Oriented Theology and Spirituality in the Sermons of Edward Schillebeeckx
 Dolphin, Kathleen
2014 0-7734-3519-0 290 pages
The first book to argue that spirituality and practical theology can be integrated by using Catholic theologian Edward Schillebeeckx’s understanding of the role played by human experience in the methodologies of both spirituality and practical theology. His sermons, considered as enactments of practical theology, explore various dimensions of this spirituality/praxis-oriented theology, and how he uses the category of human experience therein.

Priests as Physicians of Souls in Marsilius of Padua's Defensor Pacis
 Torraco, Stephen F.
1992 0-7734-9965-2 512 pages
Examines Marsilius' analysis of and response to the conflict between Christianity and the political life as he encounters it in the Middle Ages. Argues that Marsilius approaches the relationship between the priest and the civil ruler in light of his understanding of the relationship between the priest and the philosopher.

Problem of Africanicity in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church
 Makapela, Alven
1996 0-7734-8969-X 448 pages
This unique volume traces the historical presence of Africans, African Americans and Afro-Caribbeans in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. It examines historical issues which have contributed to the problems of race relations in the church, and also challenges the church either to correct or reinterpret its doctrines, as the book shows some of them to have been based on false historical assumptions. Its documentation and scholarship through primary sources is impeccable but provocative.

Problems in Translating Texts About Jesus: Proceedings From the International Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, 2008
 Caspi, Mishael
2011 0-7734-3753-3 468 pages

Production and Management of Therapeutic Power in Zionist Churches Within a Zulu City
 Kiernan, J. P.
1990 0-88946-283-6 300 pages
Deals with health-coping mechanisms in the Zionist church, and how the employ of religious powers for healing is carried out. Focuses on the mystical powers which are used to combat illness. In a situation of religious pluralism, the Zionists are unique in their construction of "havens of health" or sheltered communities which provide care for the afflictions of the urban poor.

Race, Murder, Christian Forgiveness, and Revolutionary Change in Charleston, South Carolina: A Seminal Moment in American History (paper $19.95 net)
 Gillespie, J. David
2016 1-4955-0392-5 136 pages

To order this book by telephone call: 1- (716) 754-2788

This book describes an important moment in America’s struggle to create a new kind of society. History tells us that battle started with the American Revolution in 1775, however, Dr. Gillespie’s book describes this continuing American battle for this new interracial community as described in the events and aftermath of the 2015 massacre of nine persons at the Emanuel AME Church in South Carolina.

Rectification (‘Justification’) in Paul, in Historical Perspective and in the English Bible God’s Gift of Right Relationship. Paul’s Doctrine of Rectification. Vol. 1
 Moore, Richard Kingsley
2002 0-7734-7219-3 357 pages

Rectification (‘Justification’) in Paul, in Historical Perspective and in the English Bible God’s Gift of Right Relationship. Paul’s Doctrine of Rectification in Its Historical Development. Vol. 2
 Moore, Richard Kingsley
2003 0-7734-7070-0 442 pages

Rectification (‘Justification’) in Paul, in Historical Perspective and in the English Bible. God’s Gift of Right Relationship. Paul’s Doctrine of Rectification in English Versions of the New Testament. Vol. 3
 Moore, Richard Kingsley
2002 0-7734-7072-7 573 pages

Relation Analysis of the Fourth Gospel. A Study in Reader Response Criticism
 Harner, Philip B.
1993 0-7734-2364-8 192 pages
The method of relation analysis seeks to identify and delineate the primary forms of relationship that John presents in the text of his gospel, with special attention to their significance for John's understanding of Christian faith. This analysis occurs within the context of reader-response criticism, since the network may be understood as constituting the narrative world that the author invites the reader to affirm. The study also calls attention to strategies that the author employs to encourage the reader in actualizing or completing the text.

Religion and the Sociology of Knowledge. Modernization and Pluralism in Christian Thought and Structure
 Hargrove, Barbara
1985 0-88946-872-9 402 pages
Seventeen essays presented at a seminar on the sociology of knowledge and religion at Iliff School of Theology, the central theme of which is that one's particular place in society shapes the ways in which one thinks, learns, and responds, to religion as to other factors in life.

Religion in Secularized Culture
 Di Domizio, Daniel
2004 0-7734-6475-1 100 pages
This work represents a rare historical and theological reflection in the English language on the role of the Christian Church in an Eastern European community. The Czech Republic, one of the most secularized nations in Europe, presents a unique study of the struggle of the Christian Church to engage in a dialogue with a profoundly secularized society. The book begins with a brief historical overview of Czech religious history from the Fourteenth to the Twentieth Century and then goes on to both identify and analyze in greater depth the issues that have surfaced since the revolution of 1989 as an ecclesiastical culture clashes with an evolving secularized one dominated by goals determined by a new economic system. The author believes that the experience of the Church in the Czech Republic offers valuable insights to the universal Church as it confronts the phenomenon of secularization in its Twenty-First Century expression.

Restoration of Christianity: An English Translation of Christianismi Restituto 1553 by Michael Servetus (1511-1553)
 Hoffman, Christopher A.
2007 0-7734-5520-5 440 pages
Michael Servetus (1511-1553) was a unique and central figure in European history who originated or anticipated many later new developments and trends produced by the Enlightenment and modern times. When he was burned alive in Geneva on October 27, 1553, all unbound copies of his major work, Christianismi restitutio, went up in smoke with him. Today, only three surviving copies of the original publication are known. Except for a fragment of a few pages concerning the famous discovery of pulmonary circulation, the book was never translated into English. This edition is the first translation into English, and this book contains the first part of the original text, namely, the treatise concerning the divine Trinity corresponding to the treatise On the Errors of the Trinity (published in 1531) and Two Dialogues on the Trinity (published in 1532).

Restorationism in the Holiness Movement in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
 Ware, Steven L.
2004 0-7734-6301-1 230 pages
In her 1917 sermon Lost and Restored, pentecostal evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson claimed that God had given her a vision showing the fall of the Christian Church from its original purity and the gradual restoration of that original purity in successive stages. Using the prophetic images of agricultural blight and recovery in Joel chapter two, she detailed the fall of the church after the apostolic age to its complete corruption in the Middle Ages. Then, beginning with the Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth century, she described the church’s gradual restoration to purity and power with the influence of the Reformers, continuing through Wesley and the holiness movement, and culminating with the Pentecostal movement of her own lifetime. Whatever one may make of her claim to divine inspiration, a close comparison of McPherson’s statements alongside those of the leaders of the holiness movement in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries reveals ample precedent for her statements among leaders of the holiness movement. Despite the example of such well-known leaders as McPherson, however, the many and varied manifestations of restorationism in American churches and religious movements have been generally neglected as a theme in American religious history, and have begun to be investigated and analyzed only since the 1970s. Moreover, while some scholarly attention has been given in recent years to restorationistic themes in groups such as the Puritans, Baptists, Anabaptists, Disciples of Christ, Churches of Christ, Methodists, and Pentecostals, little attention has been given to the prevalence of restorationistic themes in the holiness movement, and the significant contributions of holiness leaders toward the further prevalence of these themes in early pentecostalism. This work focuses on the restorationist consciousness which was apparent among holiness groups during the decades of their primary theological and ecclesiastical formation, roughly the period 1880-1920. More specifically, it focuses on the restorationism prevalent among the more radical sectors of the movement—among those “come-outers” and “put-outers” who left the churches of their upbringing and became early leaders in the new, specifically holiness church bodies.

Richard Hooker’s Use of History in His “defense” of Public Worship: His Anglican Critique of Calvin, Barrow, and the Puritans
 Kindred-Barnes, Scott N.
2011 0-7734-1591-2 404 pages
This study examines how Hooker’s historical perspective developed in response to two theological opponents, Thomas Cartwright and Henry Barrow. Both the primitivism of Cartwright, the presbyterian puritan, and the apocalyptic primitivism of Barrow, the separatist, are contextualized and shown to be relevant to the overall argument presented in Hooker’s magnum opus, Of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity.

Righteousness of the Kingdom {REPUBLISHED FROM THE ORIGINAL}
 Stackhouse, Max L.
1999 0-7734-8149-4 352 pages
Interpretation of the Social Gospel concept in two related areas of thought: What is the structure of Christian social-ethical thought, and in what way is the New Testament a resource for social ethics? This book treats many areas of process formation, raising concrete and general questions and issues of concern to the Christian perspective.

Roman Handwriting at the Time of Christ
 Berry, Paul
2001 0-7734-7388-2 200 pages

Salvation and Discipleship Continuum in Johannine Literature. Toward an Evaluation of the Faith Alone Doctrine
 James, Sujaya
2014 0-7734-3507-7 312 pages
An honest and significant response to the Faith Alone or Free Grace Movement. In this work Dr. Sujaya James tackles the inherent link between salvation/assurance and discipleship in the writings of the Apostle John to demonstrate that Faith Alone teaching is inconsistent with John’s presentation of salvation and discipleship continuum.

Selected Sermons for Christian Students on Campus
 Brodie, David
1993 0-7734-9247-X 248 pages
This book is the first to contain 15 sermons chosen specifically for students. The list of contributers includes the former Archbishop of Canterbury, the Archbishop of York, the former Moderator of the Free Church, and the Bishops of Liverpool. It will appeal to young people, clergy, and to the general public.

Sexuality Debate in North American Churches, 1988-1995: Controversies, Unresolved Issues and Future Perspectives
 Carey, John J.
1995 0-7734-9111-2 324 pages
This book grew out of the author's four years of involvement as chair of the Presbyterian National Committee on Human Sexuality and two subsequent years of traveling and speaking to diverse audiences about these themes. The book, however, indicates how various problems and issues of human sexuality have been impacting on virtually every major denomination, and seeks to interpret the Presbyterian debate in the context of the broader discussions in the Episcopal Church, The United Church of Canada, the United Methodist Church, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Siegesfest in Karthago
 Schreyer, Lothar
2002 0-7734-1366-9 204 pages
In Carthage AD 200, Perpetua, a young mother, and her slave Felicitas, are martyred for their Christian faith. Schreyer tells their story against the background of a regime whose days are numbered, propped up by observing the Roman imperial legal order and belief in pagan Gods.

Socio-Religious and Political Analysis of the Judeo-Christian Concept of Prophetism and Modern Bakongo and Zulu African Prophet Movements
 Simbandumwe, Samuel S.
1992 0-7734-9182-1 452 pages
This volume examines the Judeo-Christian concept of prophetism from the tenth century BCE to the first century CE and modern African prophetism from the 18th to 20th centuries. It analyzes five main themes: the cosmological significance of the sacred mountain, socio-religious and politico-economic significance of the cosmic mountain, the prophet's role, pilgrimage of eschatological hope motif, and Afro-Israelite common socio-religious and political traditions.

Sociological Study of the Great Commandment in Pentecostalism: The Practice of Godly Love as Benevolent Service
 Lee, Matthew T.
2009 0-7734-3902-1 192 pages
This sociological study focuses on the Christian “Great Commandment”—loving and knowing God’s love and then reaching out to love others. Empirical results challenge conventional understandings of altruism and suggest pathways for increasing compassionate love in the United States and beyond. This book will be useful to scholars in a variety of disciplinary specialties with an interest in altruism, religious experience, or attempts to integrate theology and social science

Spiritual Diaries of Doña María Vela y Cueto
 Rees, Margaret Ann
2007 0-7734-5500-0 164 pages
Following an earlier monograph,Doña María Vela y Cueto, Cistercian Mystic of Spain’s Golden Age (Edwin Mellen Press, 2004), in which the life and spirituality of this almost unknown Cistercian nun living in the Spanish Golden Age, Dr. Margaret A. Rees now reproduces two works by Doña María Vela y Cueto. The first volume presents her Libro de las Mercedes, consisting of the spiritual diary of this nun who, being cloistered in the city of Avila, had witnessed the reforms and influence of St. Teresa d’Avila and St. John of the Cross who recalls and records her own mystical experiences. Included in the second volume is her Vida, an autobiographical work composed in obedience to her spiritual director and reflecting the trials which could afflict a nun striving to stretch the boundaries of convent life as she aimed for sainthood.

Study of Hymn Writing and Hymn Singing in the Christian Church
 Manwaring, Randle
1990 0-88946-798-6 188 pages
Traces the continuing story of hymn-writing and hymn-singing in the Christian church and follows the golden thread through successive generations of Christians. Sets out to trace the development of English hymnody and the continuing link between the muse of poetry and the inspiration required in hymnody.

Symbols and Language in Sacred Christian Architecture
 Dragan, Radu
1996 0-7734-8870-7 136 pages
This volume addresses questions regarding contemporary interpretation of the language of sacred and religious buildings. While inspired by Heidegger's hermeneutic approach as well as by Chomsky's view on language and Eliade's archetypes and symbols, its interpretive hypothesis appropriates the Orthodox Christian perspective on church architecture. The second half of the book is a close reading of the Bible pertaining to questions on architecture being presented both historically and symbolically. The purpose of the interpretation is to trace back the possible grounds for a 'primitive hut' of the sacred space, the never-existing 'first Christian church'. In an environment striving for a renewed ecumenical unity, such a hermeneutical approach on sensitive issues such as the sacred, religious architecture, pursued by two architectural scholars from Eastern Europe's Romania, is meant to propose a fresh overview of a timeless question.

The Akorino Church in Kenya: An Indigenous Original Pentecostal Church
 Waigwa, Solomon Wachira
2018 1-4955-0632-0 352 pages
This work provides a historical and theological analysis of the Akorino Church, showing that although it is not connected historically or theologically to the Azusa street revival, it exhibits beliefs and practices that are authentically Pentecostal and essentially African.

The Christian Essence of Spanish Literature: An Historical Survey
 Hutton, Lewis J.
1989 0-88946-561-4 520 pages
Surveys Spanish literature from 1100 to the present in order to reveal the subtle nuances of the Christian ingredient in the literature of various epochs of Spanish history. Shows how powerful, conflicting forces of secularization and supernaturalization are reflected in that literature.

 Sawicki, Bernard
2005 0-7734-6199-X 600 pages
Two poles orient and organize both the content and form of this study, namely the idea of the absurd, and that of Christian monasticism. These poles delineate three different but complementary dimensions of the work: the analysis and description of the very idea of the absurd, an attempt at a general survey of the idea of Christian monasticism, and the correspondence between them rendered by the notion of theological reception. The goal of this study is to compare the theoretical vision of monasticism with some aspects of modern philosophical thought. Here the form of presentation is as important as the material presented ,and their mutual dependence and correlation defines the character of the work. At times, it is an explanatory text, descriptive and speculative in character (Part One), and at other times we enter into documental, reflexive and even meditative areas (Part Two and Three). Many of the same issues, ideas and problems recur in different contexts, as if viewed and exposed from different angles and perspectives. The discourse as a whole is crafted in a kind of spiraling movement, inviting the reader to various resumptions, retrospectives and returns.

The Figure of Samson in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Traditions: The Myth and the Man
 Caspi, Mishael
2014 0-7734-4278-2 424 pages
This remarkable literary journey of the enigmatic ‘Samson’ titillates the reader’s curiosity. Blessed with a handsome and spectacular physique, and a naughty thirst for la dolce vita, Samson has served as a paradigm for many a well-meaning person who failed to teach himself self-restraint. Caspi and Greene chronicle the fascinating literary-historical development of the Samson figure and his significance through Jewish, Christian, and Islamic traditions, and during ancient, medieval, and modern times.

The Image of God in the Human Body: Essays on Christianity and Sports
 Deardorff, II, Donald Lee
2008 0-7734-5142-0 408 pages
This work uses sports as a metaphor for humanity itself. Using a biblical structure: creation, fall, and redemption, the editors show how God may have intended us to enjoy sport, how we have corrupted sport, and how we might reattach ourselves to God’s original purposes through sport.

The Impact of Christianity on Colonial Maya, Ancient Mexico, China, and Japan: How a Monotheistic Religion Was Received by Several Pagan Societies
 Yamase, Shinji
2008 0-7734-5145-5 440 pages
Looks at the impact of Western Christianity on the native peoples of Mexico and Central America, as well as of China and Japan. The work thoroughly describes the collision of Christianity and paganism, asserting that the encounter is best understood via a full examination of their underlying cosmological points of view.

The Latin Language and Christianity
 Berry, Paul
2004 0-7734-6530-8 244 pages
This monograph establishes the directional bearing which Latin has given to the Church through each successive age from the 1st century to the 20th. Lingua Latina has served as nothing less than the transport vehicle of Christianity itself. So densely has history woven the strands of Latin into the texture of Christianity, that any attempt to detach the language is to remove the backing from the tapestry. The conclusion of the monograph will indicate that any attempt to detach the faith from this groundline, so historically valid, would amount to nothing less than a departure of the Church from its magnetic north.

A Study in Comparative Religion
 Caspi, Mishael
2009 0-7734-4726-1 324 pages
This work examines interpretations of Elijah in as an immortal being teaching the Law to the chosen ones.

The Linguistic Christ: Understanding Christ as the Logos of Language, the Metaphysical Etymology of Heideggerian Linguistics
 Williams, Duane
2011 0-7734-1567-X 508 pages
This study begins by drawing attention to assumptions that are made about language, which it seeks to question. Whilst continuing the line of Christian tradition that marries Jewish religion with Greek philosophy, this study also aims to reinterpret that tradition in the light of more recent thought on the Logos that comes from Martin Heidegger.

A Structuralist Study of the crimen incesti
 Thompson, Lindsay J.
2010 0-7734-4765-2 172 pages
This study introduces a question, somewhat disregarded or discounted in recent years, regarding the link between the Vestals and early Christian consecrated virgins. In a political interpretation of the ancient Roman virginity cult, this work demonstrates that female virginity was understood by both Christian and non-Christian Romans as a symbolic analogue of the securely intact body politic.

Theological Controversies in the Presbyterian Church of New South Wales, 1865-1915. The Rise of Liberal Evangelicalism
 Barnes, Peter
2008 0-7734-4902-7 376 pages
This work examines the rise of Liberal Evangelicalism in the Presbyterian Church of New South Wales in Australia from 1865 to 1915. It proved to be the prelude to the acceptance of extreme liberalism in the person of Rev. Professor Samuel Angus who avoided heresy charges in the 1930s. This book contains eleven black and white photographs.

Theologies of War and Peace Among Jews, Christians, and Muslims
 Randall, Albert B.
1998 0-7734-8254-7 500 pages

Theology of Inclusion in Jesus and Paul. The God of Outcasts and Sinners
 Simmons, William A.
1996 0-7734-2436-9 216 pages
This volume represents the latest and most comprehensive treatment of a critical issue of New Testament studies: Paul's relationship to the historical Jesus. It clearly defines the nature and scope of the issue by analyzing the debate from F. C. Baur to the most recent materials on the subject. The subject is examined from several standpoints: methodological, theological, historical, and sociological.

Theory of Religious Ministry to Youth: Faith Development and the Christ in Others Retreat
 Yake, John C.
2005 0-7734-6066-7 476 pages
This book builds upon doctoral research into the pastoral dynamics of the “Christ in Others” Retreat (COR), designed for late adolescents and which utilizes the faith development theory and research instrument of Dr. James W. Fowler. That study demonstrated that COR has potential to transform and support adolescent faith development. Insights were gained into youth ministry (YM) and the distinctive features of adolescent evangelization. This book synthesizes further reflection upon this dissertation, YM experience, and reading into a foundational method that can promise an effective ministry with youth. The book delineates five essential principles that need to come together to form a comprehensive program of YM. It is written for pastors, youth ministers, high school chaplains, campus ministers, teachers, parents and Christians who want to understand the unique dynamics of youth ministry: how to succeed, what to do, who should do what?

Transferal of the Relics of St. Augustine of Hippo from Sardinia to Pavia in the Early Middle Ages.
 Hallenbeck, Jan T.
2000 0-7734-7827-2 256 pages
To date there has been no comprehensive modern study of this important event; this work examines the transferal’s historical contexts and assesses the tradition’s historical authenticity. The volume also examines photographic reproductions of scenes from two major art works which depict the transferal – the 14th century marble sculpture of the Arca di Sant’Agostino in S. Pietro in Ciel d’Oro, and paintings from an anonymous late 15th century South German Vita Sancti Augustini. The study presents a possible route from Sardinia to Pavia, and examines the events of the journey of the relics, as well as political implications of events occurring soon thereafter.

Tres Civilizaciones del Mundo Medieval Crítica, Análisis y Crónicas de las Primeras Cruzadas
 Vento, Arnoldo Carlos
1998 0-7734-8494-9 362 pages
Examines the socio-economic, political and religious impact on society of the first Christian crusades, as seen by three civilizations: Latin, Byzantine, and Islamic. This text can be used by researchers in the Middle Ages in history, comparative religions, Spanish literature and civilization, comparative cultures, Latin-American studies, multicultural education, and Mexican-American studies. Part II consists of the translations into Spanish of the Latin, Greek, and Arabic Chronicles, each of which provide a different perspective to the question of the Middle Eastern conflict circa 1095-1099. The Appendix includes an historical Chronology covering the periods from 610 A.D. to 11 A. D., and one of the most extensive bibliographies on the Middle Ages and Crusades. In Spanish.

Understanding Our Biblical and Early Christian Tradition an Introductory Textbook in Theology
 Laporte, Jean
1991 0-7734-9668-8 368 pages

What Do We Imagine God to Be?
 Hegy, Pierre
2007 0-7734-5488-8 356 pages
This book gives an overview of current research on God images and the religious imagination by considering the results of certain quantitative research; by analyzing the role of such images in spirituality, in therapy and pastoral ministry; and by considering the work of Andrew Greeley on this topic. Since the religious imagination covers a variety of fields, this book offers contributions from a variety of disciplines and brings together research from such varying perspectives. This book will likely appeal to psychologists and sociologists dealing with religious issues, to therapists helping clients deal with oppressive God images, as well as to religious ministers and philosophers of religion.

What is a Person? The Concept and the Implications for Ethics
 Doran, Kevin
1989 0-88946-140-6 192 pages
Traces the philosophical, biological, and medical developments in the understanding and definition of personhood: from its beginnings in early Christian theology to an analysis of contemporary information, reports, and ethical evaluations.

What is It that Theologians Do, How They Do It and Why
 Thomas, Owen C.
2006 0-7734-5590-6 352 pages
The purpose of this volume of essays is to offer a picture and examples of what it is that Christian theologians do and why and how they do it. These essays treat three areas of theological concern which constitute the parts of the book: the methods of theological procedure, the topics and questions addressed by theologians, and various applications of theological conclusions A proposal is presented that the most important and influential development is a new Romantic movement which arose in the last century and has influenced all areas of our culture. This movement has both positive and negative influences on Christianity and theology which are examined in detail.

Applying Psychological Type Theory to Understand the Choice of Vocation by Canadian Baptist Teenagers
 Fawcett, Bruce G.
2013 0-7734-2634-5 252 pages
Fawcett explores the types of people who decide to become Christian Baptist Ministers in Canada. This book also offers helpful suggestions regarding the recruitment of youth into the vocational ministry by researching the specific demographical outlay of male and female populations who choose to enter the field.

World Religions and Social Evolution of the Old World Oikumene Civilizations: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
 Korotayev, Andrey
2004 0-7734-6310-0 276 pages
This book provides a cross-cultural analysis of traditional social organization of the Old World Oikumene civilizations, which suggest that the world religions were its major determinant. The role of Christianity and Islam as determinants of social evolution is analyzed in more detail. Formal analysis performed in this book shows that though such factors as political centralization and class stratification were also important determinants, the difference in traditional social organization between Christian and Islamic cultures were mostly shaped by the respective world religions. This study also analyzes such topics as influence of Islam on social patterns in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia, or Hinayana Buddhism influence on the evolution of kinship organization. This cross-cultural analysis makes it possible to provide an entirely new assessment of the old controversy between Materialism and Idealism, to move beyond both of these approaches.

Zionist Christian Church in South Africa. A Case Study in Oral Theology
 Naude, Piet
1995 0-7734-9147-3 174 pages
The over-rationalisation of the church has alienated it from the people at the grassroots level by alienating itself from the holistic emphases of the Christian message. The author proposes a more balanced approach to theology and warns against the predominant Western-oriented disposition to theology in the African context. As hymns and choruses play such a vital role in the dynamic mini-churches related to the AIC, the author's excellent study of these hymns presents a well-documented analysis of a major devotional activity.