Subject Area: Botswana

Community Based Rehabilitation in Botswana the Myth of the Hidden Disabled
 Ingstad, Benedicte
1997 0-7734-8624-0 392 pages
The Community-Based Rehabilitation program (CBR) was developed by WHO, with the initial idea that it should be linked to already-existing infrastructures. The program was field-tested in several countries. This book is based on fieldwork done in Botswana in 1981-84 and is the only monograph based on an intensive study of the implementation and functioning of the CBR program. As such, the volume is a groundbreaker in the fields of social/community medicine and rehabilitation. It will also be of great interest to those in the growing field of Medical Anthropology. The author is the co-editor of Disability and Culture, a collection of articles recently published by the University of California Press.

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Evaluation of School Partnership Policy in Botswana. A Qualitative Approach to Six Case Studies
 Tsayang, Gabatshwane Taka
1998 0-7734-8281-4 264 pages
This book is the result is the result of a research project on the evaluation of Community Junior Secondary School Partnership Policy in Botswana. The methodology employed was mainly qualitative, notably field work, participant observation and in-depth interviews. Since research in this area is dominated by quantitative approaches, this volume makes an important addition to scholarship.

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