Subject Area: Biology

Ants of New Mexico
 Mackay, William P.
2002 0-7734-6884-6 408 pages
This work includes keys, illustrations, descriptions and distribution maps of all of the ant species found in New Mexico, a total of 227 species and subspecies, with a listing of another 66 that probably occur in the state. It is designed to allow nearly any biologist to determine the identity of ants, written with a minimum of jargon.

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Case for New Paradigms in Cell Biology and in Neurobiology
 Hillman, Harold
1991 0-7734-9690-4 356 pages
Based on observations in living cells and the laws of solid geometry and thermodynamics, the structure of the living cell has been reexamined. The cytoskeleton, the endoplasmic reticulum, the nuclear pores, and the apparent trilaminar appearance of the cell membranes, have been shown to be artifacts of electron microscopy. The synapses and neuroglial cells have been reexamined, and the case has been made out for entirely new paradigms, with consideration of the reactions to this fundamental reappraisal.

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Heresy of Oedipus and the Mind/ Mind Split. A Study of the Biocultural Origins of Civilization
 Colavito, Maria M.
1995 0-7734-8854-5 292 pages
The nature/nurture controversy, sometimes known as the evolution/environment controversy, seems to have trickled down into the information systems of the vernacular world as an unfortunate rift between duelling scholarly camps. The Biocultural Paradigm is offered as a model that transcends both camps, by recognizing the neuro-biological origins of human development and by delineating exactly how and when sociological influences can and cannot affect those neuro-biological invariants. The Biocultural Paradigm is established by using existing discoveries in evolutionary neuro-biology and Selection Theory. It is composed of five proto-cultural models ("biocultures") which correspond to the five evolutionary centers of our neurological structures.

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Investigating the Biological Foundations of Human Morality. An Interdisciplinary Perspective
 Hurd, James P.
1996 0-7734-8843-X 264 pages
The central question of this volume is to what extent is evolutionary biology a necessary and sufficient explanation for human morality? Biologists, psychologists, anthropologists, theologians, and philosophers address this question from their respective disciplines. Four main issues are addressed. This volume will interest scholars, students, and academic libraries in the areas of sociobiology, ethics, religion, and social philosophy. It will serve as text for courses in ethics or sociobiology at the graduate level and as a supplementary text for courses in ethics, philosophy, psychology or anthropology at the undergraduate level.

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Untersuchungen Zur Biologie Der ErdkrÖte Bufo Bufo L. Unter Besonderer Berücksichtigung Des Einflusses Von Migrationshindernissen Auf Das Wanderverhalten Und Die Entwicklung Von Vier Erdkrötenpopulationen Im Stadtgebiet Von Osnabrück
 Wolf, Karl-Robert
1994 0-7734-4050-X 312 pages
During the years 1987-1993, an intensive scientific study was conducted in a brookside meadow on the southwestern edge of Osnabrück, Germany, as part of the Hörne amphibian protection and research project. The objective of this paper is to describe the development of four common toad Bufo bufo populations. The influences of various migration obstacles and predators upon migratory behavior were quantified. The objects of investigation were two railway lines, a brook, agricultural acreage, roads and a built-up area, as well as the influence of predation by rats Rattus norvegicus. The dynamics of time and distance were also studied. In German.

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