Subject Area: Abortion

 Sheppard, Sumor
2016 1-4955-0448-4 76 pages
Creole culture is a universal phenomenon which is multicultural by nature. This study provides a comprehensive, international bibliography of Creole cultures and languages with which researchers can further investigate culture formation and national identity cohesion. Starting from Creole cultures of the United States and moving outward to the Caribbean, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, the extent of Creole as a national identity becomes apparent. The definition of what constitutes a Creole varies around the world.

 Coyne, Patrick
2010 0-7734-3756-8 352 pages
This work is the first comprehensive, full-length work on Alice Duer Miller and her contributions to American letters and cultural history. This original research will be of practical use to researchers and scholars in the areas of American literature, American studies, film history, Broadway history, and gender studies.

 Álvarez-Faedo, María-José
2005 0-7734-6083-7 152 pages
This is a reference work which rescues from oblivion the names and literary production of women who, far from belonging to what is generally considered as the canon, emerged either from the spiritual solitude of Spanish Catholic nuns’ cells or from the religious meetings, evangelizing travels or austere lives of Anglicans, Protestants, Quakers, Wesleyans, Baptists or Dissenting Presbyterians. This book offers a different insight into the works of those religious women from that of the women-writer guides and dictionaries published so far. In this sense, rather than discussing authors alphabetically, in terms of their biographies, this work is structured in four sections which correspond to four inclusive literary genres – prose, poetry, drama and translation. Each of those sections is, in its turn, subdivided into different subgenres.

Abortion. An Annotated Indexed Bibliography
 Muldoon, Maureen
1980 0-88946-972-5 167 pages
This is a compendium of most of the published articles and books that deal with the subject of abortion reflecting the nature, ethical problems, psychological problems, legal and religious issues and attitudes of the matter. The work explores the medical aspects of abortion in various countries and strategies employed by hospitals and medical professionals.

Affective and Cognitive Development of Culture Learning During the Early and Middle Childhood Curriculum
 Sposet, Barbara A.
2003 0-7734-6943-5 252 pages
Culture learning is a particular type of human learning related to the patterns of human interaction and identification. This study describes the process of culture learning as it takes place within a foreign language program at a selected suburban middle school site. It explores two arenas of inquiry: How does an awareness of people different from oneself develop in the middle school adolescent, and what is the contribution of foreign language study to the development of culture learning? The findings have implications for the middle school community (administrators, staff, students, parents) and those concerned with facilitating cross-cultural learning in today’s global society.

An Annotated Bibliography and Internet Guide for the Madeira Islands
 Silva, J. Donald
2005 0-7734-6169-8 280 pages
For the first time in English, a comprehensive list of over 500 books, articles and manuscripts about the Madeira Islands summarized and with an outline of island history since its discovery in 1419, including website addresses that guide students of Madeiran Studies to archives, book inventories, private collections, libraries, manuscripts, theses, government documents and periodical essays. Identifies, selects, classifies and summarizes aspects of Madeira from marine fauna to folklore dancing, primary sources for students from secondary school to graduate school and invaluable data for newcomers and rare book collectors. The scattered literature from libraries and offices throughout Europe and America brought together in one volume including recent original works in Portuguese with simple and clear author, title, subject and web site indexes for efficient use.

An Annotated Bibliography and Reference List of Musical Fiction
 Brown, Kellie D.
2005 0-7734-6158-2 360 pages
Since the earliest civilizations, a connection has existed between music and the literary arts. From the Old Testament and ancient Greek poets to the great operatic masterpieces of the nineteenth century, music and words have forged an inseparable bond. This relationship is not only seen in musical genres but in a prolific output of novels for adults and children that contain musical themes, characters, and/or settings.

This book is the result of many years of research into fiction that has this musical connection. Focusing on novels mainly from the twentieth century, this volume contains an extensive annotated list featuring works for adult, young adult and juvenile audiences and also represents a wide range of musical genre from classical to jazz to rap. Following the annotations, this book provides a comprehensive listing of all titles sorted by reading level and by musical genres to assist librarians, educators, and readers in finding the precise book for a given need or interest.

An Annotated Bibliography of Church Music
 Hsieh, Fang-Lan
2003 0-7734-6580-4 276 pages
The purpose and scope of this bibliography is to survey the literature concerning church music, primarily in publications from 1980 to the present, while including materials that have been published and serve as primary resources earlier than that. The emphasis is on Protestant church music, largely those published in the English language. The selected lists include over 700 titles, and contain citations with annotations of reference works and bibliographies. The annotations offer an indication of the scope, content, and special features of each work. This study will fill the research and reference needs of music students, scholars, and church musicians, as well as providing research and college libraries with a reference for building their church music collections.

An Annotated Bibliography of Mary Mcleod Bethune’s Chicago Defender Columns, 1948-1955
 Bennett, Carolyn LaDelle
2001 0-7734-7590-7 148 pages
When Mary McLeod Bethune started writing a regular, weekly public affairs column for The Chicago Defender, she had seen America from Reconstruction to the rise of the civil rights movement. She had stood down the Ku Klux Klan to lead people to the pulls after the ratification of the Woman’s Suffrage Amendment in 1920. She had advised US presidents. She had founded a college in the deep South and an organization for women in the nation’s capital. In the late in40’s until her death in the middle 1950’s, this distinguished educator and advocate wrote at least 300,000 words for the Defender. This annotated bibliography divides the columns into issue-oriented categories, and each section contains a brief abstract, followed by a list of citations and excerpts from that group of editorials. This volume will of interest to those working in the history of journalism, women’s studies, Black studies, and social issues.

An Annotated Bibliography on Leprosy
 Wood, Corinne Shear
1997 0-7734-8441-8 208 pages
Works referenced represent a panoramic view of human leprosy and its special place in human history, culturally, sociologically, psychologically, and medically.

An Annotated Bibliography on the History of Usury and Interest From the Earliest Times Through the Eighteenth Century
 Houkes, John M.
2004 0-7734-6456-5 600 pages

An Autobiographical Bibliography of Percussion Music
 Larrick, Geary
2006 0-7734-5970-7 212 pages
Methodology in this interdisciplinary study incorporated viewing more than two hundred periodicals in University Library in the Learning Resource Center at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, during the first three months of 2005. Thus, references taken involve that time frame or in the recent past.

The author started at the beginning of the alphabet; that is, periodicals with titles starting with the letter “A,” and went to the letter “J,” whose publications for the most part started with the title word “Journal.” This encompassed well over two hundred bibliographic entries in the book and research notes, adding annotations that often include author memoirs.

The result is an interdisciplinary view of percussion music. Many authors, editors and articles are cited, in a number of different fields, i.e. sociology, anthropology, health, physical and social sciences, natural resources, and the humanities. The author of this book has made an effort not to replicate the original works, but simply to use them as a stepping stone to further discussion. Therefore, both the bibliography and the associated references are important to the subject.

The reader is invited to attend this tour of the periodical collection, and to enjoy its diversity, variety, threads of similarity, personal and professional memoirs that are related to the subject at hand, and to discover all the wonders that are available to the modern reader. Citations include a multicultural list of names from a multiplicity of nationalities and ancestral sources, coming together, for the most part, in the academy of post-secondary and higher education.

Annotated Bibliography and Guide to the Published Trumpet Music of Sigmund Hering
 Erdmann, Thomas R.
1997 0-7734-8545-7 216 pages
Sigmund Hering (1899-1986) was perhaps the most influential trumpet teacher in America during the mid 20th century, and was known worldwide. He served as trumpeter with the Philadelphia Orchestra from 1925-1964. He is the most published trumpet pedagogue in the world. After a short introductory chapter on Sigmund Hering, this work analyzes his published trumpet works, draws conclusions on each text for suitability of use, and creates a guide for trumpet pedagogues for using Hering's 408 trumpet etudes for one trumpet without piano accompaniment. Appendices include: A Brief Look at the Compositional Relationship Between Leon Lester and Sigmund Hering; Brief Biographies of Sigmund Hering's Principal Viennese Instructors; A Complete List of Sources Used to Create the List 'Twentieth Century Topics of Trumpet Pedagogy'; and Definitions of Some Terms Used in that list. This book is available at a special price when ordered for text use. Call (716) 754-2788 for text information.

Annotated Bibliography of Multi-Cultural Literature and Related Activities for Children Three to Ten Years
 Gayle-Evans, Guda
2004 0-7734-6474-3 204 pages
Today’s schools are very diverse. As a result, many teachers and parents are faced with the challenge of helping children understand and accept differences. Multicultural literature provides an ideal way to expose children to how much we are alike even if we are different.

This annotated list of over three hundred multicultural children’s books is a comprehensive list of books from diverse cultures. Children from different cultures as well as children for whom English is not their first language will see themselves represented in authentic ways. Children from mainstream America will also have the opportunity to learn about different cultures.

While there is a plethora of multicultural literature for children, there is an absence of tools to connect the literature to activities. In this book there are several activities which are connected to and support the stories discussed. These activities, along with the "A Suggestion to Broaden Cultural Awareness” section, allow adults and children to view literature and cultural diversity from different perspectives. Children considered different will feel validated as they begin to learn that being different is not a deficit.

Early childhood and elementary teachers will find this annotated list of books a good resource for connecting children to books. The variety of books will also help children to understand and appreciate the positive aspects of diversity.

Annotated Bibliography of Percussion Music Publication
 Larrick, Geary
2005 0-7734-6223-6 152 pages
This is an annotated bibliography of works published since 1976 by Per-Mus Publications LLC, of Columbus, Ohio, owned and founded by James L. Moore, Ph.D.. Dr. Moore is an Associate Professor of Music Emeritus at The Ohio State University, and continues to work as percussion instructor with the Ohio State University Marching Band, an organization of which this author is an alumnus. About one hundred fifty works are cited, with autobiographical memoirs of a professional nature interspersed in the manuscript.

This volume is a specific record of the publications produced by Dr. Moore's firm in twenty-eight years, including work of J.S. Bach, Leopold Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Frederic Chopin, Felix Mendelssohn, Ruth Stuber Jeanne, Gary Olmstead, James L. Moore, Geary Larrick, Murray Houllif, Jack Jenny and numerous others from contemporary and past history. Specifics of composition and percussion are cited, as well as the inclusion of many names associated with music and history.

The author is a native of Ohio, having studied with J.L. Moore during the 1964-65 school years at OSU, and collaborated with him in the interim. This book is a close-up look at percussion music publishing in the latter quarter of the 20th Century in the United States of America, involving a company that distributes widely including internationally. Fields of study that are discussed are education, music, percussion, history, theory, composition, arranging, business and basic scholarship.

Annotated Bibliography of Thomas Traherne Criticism, 1900-2003
 Blevins, Jacob
2005 0-7734-6023-3 188 pages
This is a much-needed volume for scholars working on this great 17th century mystic poet and philosopher, whose Centuries of Meditation was not discovered until 1895 in London and not published until 1908, and who has been receiving more and more attention over time. This bibliography has been arranged chronologically. Each of the 331 entries in this work contains the exact bibliographical references along with a succinct description of the content and contribution each work makes. There are both author and subject indices that relate to the numerical entry of the work cited, which will greatly aid scholars working on particular topics within Traherne research.

Annotated Walt Whitman Bibliography, 1976-1985
 Gibson, Brent
2001 0-7734-7577-X 336 pages
This volume helps chronicle the ever-expanding body of scholarship on America’s first world-renowned poet. This annotated bibliography collects a wide array of books, journals, dissertations, and essay collections and offers them in an easy-to–use arrangement. After an introduction, the first part contains English-language works about Walt Whitman, the second part, foreign-language works.

Barbers and Barbershops: An Annotated Bibliography
 Rothman, Irving N.
2017 1-4955-0595-2 836 pages

Biblical Law Bibliography Sorted by Subjects and by Authors
 Welch, John W.
1990 0-88946-891-5 348 pages
The most extensive bibliography of its kind, compiled by a professor of law at Brigham Young University.

BibliografÍa Descriptiva De Estudios CrÍticos Sobre La Obra De Emilia Pardo BazÁn/a Descriptive Bibliography of Critical Studies on the Work of Emilia Pardo BazÁn
 Scari, Robert
2001 0-7734-7562-1 424 pages
This bibliography consists of a complete list of articles and books dealing with al the works of this major 19th century Spanish author. Each entry is accompanied by a comprehensive summary o its essential facts and claims. An indispensable aspect of the work is the thoroughly cross-referenced index of subjects which allows the user to judge, on the basis of indicated treatment depth, the desirability of closer inspections. All entries in Spanish, with English and Spanish prefaces.

Bibliographic Guide to the Works of William Inge
 McClure, Arthur F.
1991 0-7734-9688-2 167 pages
The first comprehensive volume to provide convenient access to the literature, both primary and secondary, of the works of William Inge. Puts into perspective the materials available for the study of the man and his art and offers an insightful presentation of his life and career. Assesses significant published reference materials and locates research collections open to the student and scholar. Documents all Inge's writings, including all published plays, novels, articles, early newspaper work, and the archival holdings. Presents a combined biographical critical, and bibliographical picture of the life and times of Inge in the world of the dramatic arts.

Bibliographical Survey of the Published Works of the Eighteenth-Century Wesleys (samuel the Elder, Samuel the Younger, Mehetabel, John, and Charles)
 Rogal, Samuel J.
2008 0-7734-5219-2 380 pages
This bibliographic work provides scholars with the means for surveying the literary productivity of the Wesley family in eighteenth-century England and for gauging the ability of each individual member to influence the moral and social climates of their own time. While examining the works of Charles and John Wesley, the author also draws attention to the lesser known Wesleys.

Bibliography for the Gospel of Mark, 1954-1980
 Humphrey, Hugh Minear
1981 0-88946-916-4 181 pages
Indexes journal articles, essays in collected works, and books in all languages under seven general headings. Items (total: 1599) are listed under a minute classification system, and within each class they are listed in reverse chronological order. There are many cross references and a complete (11-page) author index.

Bibliography of Alexander Pushkin in English
 Leighton, Lauren G.
1999 0-7734-8170-2 336 pages
The work contains 250 items that have not appeared in previous bibliographies accordingly it has two main parts, Studies and Translations. Studies, arranged alphabetically by author, is subdivided into general and specific, with sections on verse works, drama, prose, and individual works. It also contains an interesting section on translation studies.

Bibliography of Anton Chekhov in English
 Leighton, Lauren G.
2005 0-7734-6285-6 572 pages
It seems appropriate in this centennial year of the death of Russia’s premiere short story writer and playwright to honor him with a comprehensive bibliography. A Bibliography of Anton Chekhov in English: Studies, Translations, Reviews and Notes is offered in three appropriate parts.

Part One, Studies, comprises sections for book-length bio-literary studies and bio-literary articles; introductions; comparative studies; Russian and foreign memoirs; popular studies; general and individual studies of Chekhov's plays and short stories; studies of his non-fiction, letters, notes, and diaries; and special categories: film, language and stylistics, documents and documentation, translation studies, dissertations, bibliography, and collections.

Part Two, Translations, is divided into general collections, drama collections, individual dramas, story collections, individual stories; non-fiction, letters, notes, and diaries; and film.

Part Three, Critical Reviews, provides a comprehensive selection of the most significant reviews in major English-language newspapers and journals through the year 1993.

It is not possible to provide a comprehensive selection of an estimated 350,000 reviews of Chekhov plays, 1994-2003, but an attempt has been made to provide a representative sampling of reviews in major newspapers and current periodicals. Citations throughout this Bibliography are full and unabbreviated, the intent being to provide access to each work in every appropriate category without complicating the search process with confusing cross-listings. Entries for collections are accompanied by listings of contents in the order given in tables of contents or alphabetically. Entries for collections provide a base for subsequent listings of individual major works for addition of subsequent editions, reprints, and re-publications. Translations of plays are categorized by their most commonly known English titles and cited within categories by the English title given for a particular translation. English titles of stories have not been rationalized in this way because the large number of Chekhov's stories would require division of the section on individual stories into virtually hundreds of sub-sections. Instead, stories are listed in alphabetical order by the various English titles given for a particular translation.

 Bennett, Patricia I.
1986 0-88946-154-6 328 pages
This fourth business-ethics bibliography from the University of Virginia's Center for the Study of Applied Ethics enters more than 4,000 items, including texts, monographs, edited volumes, journal and periodical articles, and articles from The Wall Street Journal, under almost fifty headings.

Bibliography of Military and Political Aspects of the Malayan Emergency, the Confrontation with Indonesia, and the Brunei Revolt
 Corfield, Justin
2003 0-7734-6715-7 408 pages
The Malayan Emergency, the Confrontation with Indonesia and the Brunei Revolt are fundamental to an understanding of Southeast Asia during the 20th century. This bibliography brings together 4575 sources which will provide much information for scholars researching these developments and Southeast Asian history in general. Sources include books, theses, newspaper and magazine articles, and unpublished manuscripts.

Bibliography of Recent Works on Home Health Care
 Mullner, Ross
2000 0-7734-7763-2 200 pages
This volume identifies over 500 major articles and books published during the decade of the 90s. Main chapters include: General Sources; Licensing, Accrediting and Credentialing; Administration and Management Characteristics; Access, Geographic Variations, and Referrals; Patient and Disease Characteristics; Case and Disease Management; Quality and Outcomes of Care; Economics, Financing, and Managed Care; Laws, Regulations, and Ethics; Care Providers and Personnel Issues; Home Medical Equipment and Technology; Infection Control; Nutrition; Policy Issues and Trends; Other. An author index and key work index are included.

Bibliography of Salvation Army Literature in English (1865-1987)
 Moyles, R. Gordon
1988 0-88946-827-3 250 pages
Attempts to classify and cite all the literature in English about and by The Salvation Army, from Booth's Darkest England to Shaw's Major Barbara: approximately 5,000 titles. Arrangement is chronological, by nine subjects, three of which are further subdivided by specific topic.

Bibliography of Sources in Christianity and the Arts
 Kari, Daven M.
1995 0-7734-9094-9 773 pages
This work offers lists of bibliographies, key works in the arts and works treating Christianity and the arts. Works have been selected primarily for their utility to those conducting research in the fine arts relating to Christianity and religion. General categories covered include bibliographies of bibliographies, aesthetics, architecture, cinema, dance and mime, drama and rhetoric, electronic communications (radio, TV, and video), fabric arts, literature, music, photography, visual arts (calligraphy to sculpture), wit and humor. Each major section and many smaller sections begin with brief reviews of scholarship in the subject, including references to the best works for beginners and specialists. Overviews also contain cross-references to related works in other sections.

Bibliography of Syrian Archaeological Sites to 1980
 Bybee, Howard C.
1995 0-7734-9040-X 248 pages
This volume brings under one cover over 1,800 citations about archaeological excavation in Syria from about 1900 to 1980. This bibliography provides students and scholars with an important source for background study into the rise of civilization and its modern antecedents. Entries from popular literature are not included nor is the vast epigraphical literature unless accounts of the discovery of epigraphical inscriptions contained archaeological descriptions.

Bibliography of the Burma Campaign 1941-1945
 Corfield, Justin
2012 0-7734-1515-7 276 pages
This book will be a valuable source book for scholars investigating World War II campaigns in East Asia as well as colonialism and independence movements.

Bibliography of the English Novel From the Restoration to the French Revolution. A Checklist of Sources and Critical Materials, with Particular Reference to the Period 1660 to 1740
 Letellier, Robert I.
1995 0-7734-1280-8 428 pages
Source information includes: English fiction -- Early modern, 1500-1700 -- Bibliography. English fiction -- 18th century -- Bibliography. English fiction -- Early modern, 1500-1700 -- History and criticism -- Bibliography. English fiction -- 18th century -- History and criticism -- Bibliography

Bibliography of the First World War in the Far East and Southeast Asia
 Corfield, Justin
2003 0-7734-6662-2 170 pages
This bibliography brings together 1491 sources – books, magazines, theses, newspaper articles, and unpublished manuscripts which contribute to the understanding of the First World War in the region. Topics include the battle of Tsingtao in China, developments in China and Japan, the German naval presence in the region, the Singapore Mutiny, etc. Indices cover Asian countries and cities, subjects, themes and genres, military units, and names, which will allow scholars to locate published and unpublished material for their research.

Bibliography of the Myth of Don Juan in Literary History
 Losada, Jose Manuel
1997 0-7734-8450-7 236 pages
This bibliography provides a wide range of references under three principal headings: 1.) Versions; 2.) Critical Studies (books and articles); 3.) Translations. It pays particular attention to the significant authors in the field: Tirso de Molina, Sorrilla, Molière, Mozart, Byron, Shaw, etc. It takes account of all the latest artistic and critical works in the fields. It limits itself strictly to the different versions of the Don Juan myth (i.e., there are no entries on other seducers such as Casanova or Lovelace). The bibliography also provides a list of translations from around the Western world.

Bibliography of the Nature and Role of the Holy Spirit in Twentieth-Century Writings
 Mills, Watson E.
1993 0-7734-2366-4 372 pages
The bibliographies provide an index to the journal articles, essays in collected works, books and monographs, dissertations, commentaries, and various encyclopedia and dictionary articles published in the twentieth century. Technical works of scholarship, from many differing traditions, constitute the bulk of the citations, though some selected works that reinterpret the research to a wider audience have been included.

Bibliography of Twentieth- and Twenty-First Century Works for Voice, Horn and Piano
 Ulmer, Marissa L.
2007 0-7734-5501-9 140 pages
This book provides a current listing of chamber works written during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries for voice, horn and piano. It is intended to serve as a resource for those musicians searching for such works to serve both performance and research-related purposes. Selected annotations provide background information about the works, as well as valuable performance-related information, such as timings, range, and difficulty levels. Also included are appendices for cross-referencing the entries, and information concerning the publishers and distributors of included works is listed in an appendix also.

Bibliography on East Asian Religion and Philosophy
 Bretzke, James T.
2001 0-7734-7318-1 584 pages
This comprehensive research bibliography compiles, annotates, indexes and cross-references resources in the principal Western languages of English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish which focus on East Asia (principally China, Japan, and Korea) in the primary areas of philosophy and religious studies, with supporting resources in theology, history, culture, and related social sciences. The bibliography is organized both thematically and geographically, and the index gives not only author’s and subject’s names, but includes a wide range of topics and sub-topics as well. A notable additional feature of this bibliography is the inclusion of extensive Internet-based resources, such as a wide variety of web-sites, discussion lists, electronic texts, virtual libraries, online journals and related material which allow for easy further research. “Of particular interest are subsections on current subjects of interest (business and economic ethics, human rights, etc,). Bretzke’s inclusion of annotated East Asia Internet Resources is also extremely useful.” – Philip L. Wickeri

Bibliography on Education in Development and Social Change in Sub-Saharan Africa
 Grey, Mark A.
1989 0-88946-381-6 143 pages
Seven hundred sequentially numbered entries gleaned from journals, institutions, and other bibliographies during research at major collections of Africana. Includes country and subject indexes.

Bibliography on Psychological Tests Used in Research and Practice in Sport and Exercise Psychology
 LeUnes, Arnold D.
2002 0-7734-7001-8 408 pages

Bibliography on Scripture and Christian Ethics
 Bretzke, James T.
1997 0-7734-8460-4 376 pages
This comprehensive and ecumenical bibliography of titles related to Scripture and ethics includes books and periodicals in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Many entries contain brief annotations which indicate their scope or thesis. Entries are arranged both according to the Old and New Testament, as well as the individual books and/or authors. Entries are also given in certain key thematic issues, such as methodology of the interplay and usage of the Bible in ethics, liberation theology and Scripture, biblical authority, feminist issues in biblical hermeneutics, and a number of theological themes such as justice and righteousness, the love command, law and gospel, sin and reconciliation, etc. Finally, entries are provided which cover a number of particular ethical themes such as ecology, economics, medical ethics, sexual ethics and gender issues, war and peace. A final section gathers titles which were published prior to the Second Vatican Council, which marked a watershed for the greater appropriation of Scripture in the discipline of Roman Catholic moral theology. This bibliography provides an overview of the vast array of material available, topics covered and approaches used by authors writing in the five principal Indo-European languages, but also representing all the major Christian traditions, as well as Jewish ethics and material drawn largely from the Old Testament. This work will be a valuable reference guide for any individual research project into any of the various areas of biblical ethics.

Bibliography on Temples of the Ancient Near East and Mediterranean World Arranged by Subject and Author
 Parry, Donald W.
1991 0-7734-9775-7 311 pages
This bibliography cites works that treat archaeological and literary evidence that bear on the layout, design, and physical accoutrements of the temples of Israel, Egypt, Mesopotamia, as well as the subsequent temple systems which belonged to the Greco-Roman world. In addition, it treats certain features of the temple, such as the role of the priesthood in the operation of the temple, the sacred vestments of the priests, sacrifice and other priestly rituals, the cosmic associations of the temple, and the temple as the locus of kingly authority and the site of his coronation. The bibliography is divided into specific categories, such as Temples of Jerusalem, Temples of Egypt, Priesthood, Sacrifice, and others. Within each of these categories the relevant bibliography is listed alphabetically by author.

Bibliography, History, Pedagogy and Philosophy in Music and Percussion
 Larrick, Geary
1999 0-7734-8165-6 190 pages
Section I contains more than a hundred brief essays headed with bibliographic entries, covering aspects of contemporary percussion music. Section II contains more than twenty essays on a broad selection of subjects having to do with music ranging from the symphony to the xylophone. Section III contains several essays of musical scholarship covering analysis, biography, education, history, pedagogy and performance. The biographical sketches are of a professional nature. "The book traverses an expansive terrain of composers: some of the well known masters who happened to write for various percussion instruments, and others, writing as percussion performers themselves, who have made contributions to the solo literature. . . . there is an entire section devoted to women in the field. Geary Larrick deals at length with the literature on percussion music, and reviews, for instance, catalogues of instruments and the literature written for them. Monographs and methods, both historical and pedagogical, fall within the scope of his discussion, and he has reviewed many solo anthologies (some of which are for students), and collections of orchestral excerpts. . . . Even more diversity appears in his commentary on percussion instruments. Naturally the instruments of the orchestral percussion section are appropriate here, but the Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian instruments appear alongside oriental and biblical instruments. . . . concise and within the reach of every insider. It is even accessible to outsiders, where the world of percussion has remained, until now, incomprehensible. This book shows how vast and variegated that world is." – Richard Pinnell, Chair, Department of Musick University of Wisconsin- LaCrosse

Bibliotheca Lexicologiae Medii Aevi in 10 Volumes
 Tremblay, Florent
1989 0-88946-208-9 3340 pages
This work is a computerized bibliography of all topics related to Latin lexicology in the Middle Ages.

Bio-Bibliography of Clarence S. Day, Jr., American Writer, 1874-1935
 Coyne, Patrick
2003 0-7734-6647-9 232 pages
This study contains and insightful biographical portrait of the author – the most substantive account of Day’s life every written - and a comprehensive list of citations to every publication that can now be attributed to Day, including items that appeared under pseudonyms, and other rarities. It will enable researchers and scholars to recognize that the sheer volume of Day’s published drawings, prose, and verse is far more substantial than previously been assumed. Day is famous primarily for Life With Father and Life With Mother, but his other published work has not been previously documented. The bio-bibliography will also permit scholars to identify and access key primary and secondary sources for future research on Day.

Civilian Conservation Corps. A Bibliography
 McFadden, Jackie
2005 0-7734-6100-0 156 pages
This book is a list of citations covering the wealth of information written about the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The CCC was President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s favorite and most respected New Deal program. It provided economic assistance and hope for the future to the many enlisted men and their families during the height of the Great Depression. These men developed state parks, built roads and bridges and restored the environment from the devastation caused by droughts and deforestation of the west. Through hard work, they found renewed pride in themselves and their country. Their efforts can be seen in former camp sites and parks across the nation.

There continues to be a fascination with the CCC. It is often studied as a model program of youth service work, conservation, and adult education. This collection will be useful to all who study the New Deal era and especially to those who concentrate on the CCC. The bibliography is organized by material type, including Federal Government documents, magazine, and journal articles, ERIC documents, books (including theses and dissertations), videos and films. The magazine, journal articles, and ERIC documents are briefly annotated to further assist the researcher.

Contemporary Problems and Issues
 Van Patten, James J.
1990 0-88946-884-2 172 pages

Complete Bibliography of the Writings of Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy
 Molen, Lise van der
1990 0-88946-748-X 106 pages
Results from examination of the archives at Bethel-Bielefeld (West Germany), Vermont, and New Hampshire with an eye toward tracking down not only bibliographical information on the published writings but also Rosenstock-Huessy's "unpublished legacy."

Critical Bibliography of Shirley Jackson, American Writer (1919-1965) - Reviews, Criticism, Adaptations
 Reinsch, Paul N.
2001 0-7734-7393-9 244 pages
This is the single most complete and useful source for locating secondary materials pertaining to Shirley Jackson and her work. It includes both reviews from the time of publication and critical works. The annotations and introduction contribute to Jackson scholarship by arguing that some of her fiction has been misread and mislabeled due to the perceived meaning of the signifier ‘Shirley Jackson’. No previously published study catalogs the texts which include stories by Jackson. Includes a list of anthologies, and the comments editors make about the stories and Jackson herself, a section on Jackson’s work in textbooks, and a section on adaptations of her work.

Critical Bibliography of Writings on Judaism Vol. 2
 Griffiths, David B.
1989 0-88946-257-7 455 pages
Modern Jewish studies is a vast discipline with many inter-related discursive fields. Griffith's magisterial Critical Bibliography of Writings on Judaism creates a framework of relevance that can help students and scholars recognize major problems and disputations and gain appreciation for current advances in methodology and knowledge. It functions as a conceptual map that identifies areas thoroughly and highlights controversial issues that invite further research. The majority of the entries are in English, but works in Modern Hebrew, Yiddish, French, and German are included as necessary, and also as guides for advanced study. Until the advent of this work there was no comprehensive critical Judaica bibliography of use to both generalized and specialized interests. "This work answers that need." - Shofar

Decision Support Systems Research and Reference Disciplines (1970-2001) - A Research Guide to the Literature and an Unobtrusive Bibliography with Citation Frequency
 Eom, Sean B.
2003 0-7734-6742-4 308 pages
This is a research guide and bibliography with citation frequency on the decision support systems research area and its references disciplines. It contains only references that have been cited frequently by more than several thousand authors of decision support systems articles published in a set of carefully selected journals according to objective criteria set forth in a data chapter. Each item in the bibliography of the book contains the citation frequency representing its weight and degree of influence on the decision support systems research. Each item represents objective and unobtrusive judgment of all the authors of major articles published in more than 140 information systems journals during 1970-2001. It will be a useful research guide to the DSS literature.

Dramas of the Nuclear Age - A Descriptive List of English-Language Plays
 Carpenter, Charles A.
2000 0-7734-7891-4 104 pages
This volume provides as complete a bibliographical and descriptive record as possible of English-language plays that deal directly and significantly with “the Bomb”, a code-term denoting all major aspects of the Nuclear Age that relate to atomic weapons (but not to nuclear power). Descriptions of the plays are oriented toward their content as nuclear-age dramas. The descriptions are presented in chronological order, since the plays vary in nature and number according to the nuclear situation that existed in the real world. It includes a selective chronology of that evolving situation along with the landmarks of literature and journalism that it spawned. An index of playwrights concludes the volume.

Essays on Books and Bibliophiles - Aspects of the History of Books and Book-Collecting in America
 Shaddy, Robert A.
2003 0-7734-6642-8 162 pages
The essays and bibliography in this volume provide a fresh, interdisciplinary approach to the history of books and book collecting. It includes a long essay on the phenomenon of bibliophilia and bibliomania and the intense, sometimes consumingly passionate feelings collectors held for their collections. Two subsequent essays, on book collectors in Missouri and on the scholar-librarian Randolph Greenfield Adams of the Clements Library, University of Michigan, serve as case studies and suggest further research possibilities for those interested in mining the veins and deposits in the history of books and book collecting. The collection ends with a Selected Bibliography on Collecting Books and Manuscripts during the “Golden Age” of Collecting in America, c. 1890-1930.

Ethical Analysis of the Portrayal of Abortion in American Fiction ( Dreiser, Hemingway, Faulkner, Dos Passos, Brautigan, and Irving)
 Koloze, Jeff
2005 0-7734-5964-2 396 pages
Religiously-based ethical aspects of the abortion issue have not been addressed in literary criticism; thus, determining the ethical content of twentieth-century American fiction concerning abortion will assist students of literature and those interested in this controversial issue. Specifically, the author identifies six ethical aspects of the abortion issue discussed in Judaism, Catholicism, and Protestantism. The first ethical aspect concerns the lex talionis passage in Exodus. Second, the concepts of “health” and “life” are considered. The study then examines whether the unborn child can be viewed as an aggressor against his or her mother. Determining whether the unborn child possesses “potential” or “actual” life constitutes the fourth ethical aspect, followed by the closely related categories of “formed” and “unformed” fetuses. The last ethical aspect concerns ensoulment. The study conducts close readings of abortion passages in canonical works by Dreiser, Hemingway, Dos Passos, Faulkner, Brautigan, and Irving. Incorporating biographical criticism and other tools of literary research, the author concludes that canonical works do not address these ethical aspects. Finally, the study addresses the six ethical aspects in other twentieth-century non-canonical works.

Examining the use of Safety, Confrontation, and Ambivalence in Six Depictions of Reproductive Women on the American Stage, 1997-2007. Staging ‘the Place’ of Abortion
 Hagen, Lisa Hall
2010 0-7734-1466-5 424 pages
This book fills a gap created when overtly politicized and polarized writing on abortion is removed. It seeks to explore the ways in which theater can serve as a particularly useful place to explore abortion.

Feminist Campaigns for Birth Control and Abortion Rights in Britain
 Hoggart, Lesley
2003 0-7734-6868-4 292 pages
Book has important implications for contemporary feminist politics. It contributes to a growing body of work on the relationship between feminist theory, feminist campaigning activity and policy change.

First World War in Africa: A Bibliography
 Corfield, Justin
2008 0-7734-5132-3 220 pages
This work addresses the lack of research on events in Africa during the First World War. The author cites nearly two thousand articles, archives, books, journals, and government and public records related to the topic, all of which are subject to four extensive indices providing comprehensive cross references.

George Mackay Brown - A Survey of His Work and a Full Bibliography
 Spear, Hilda D.
2000 0-7734-7697-0 224 pages
Work examines different aspects of George Mackay Brown’s work and concludes with an updated and enlarged bibliography

Glossolalia. A Bibliography
 Mills, Watson E.
1989 0-88946-605-X 132 pages
A 22-page bibliographical essay followed by 1,158 entries arranged in alphabetical order by author/editor, with subject and scripture indexes.

Julian of Norwich: A Comprehensive Bibliography and Handbook
 Morris, Teresa
2010 0-7734-3678-2 324 pages
The work is the most comprehensive, current record of research and scholarship concerned with explicating Julian of Norwich's Showings. This bibliography includes a handbook of information related to mystics contemporary to Julian, as well as information related to the life of the religious of Julian's era.

Literature on Suicide 1516-1815, A Bibliographical Essay
 Bernardini, Paolo
1996 0-7734-8809-X 104 pages
This bibliographical essay is intended as a contribution to the history of ideas in the broadest sense and as an aid to new studies on suicide in early modern Europe. It includes items which can be considered as substantial steps, whether in a progressive or conservative direction, in the theoretical debate on suicide in this period. Monographic works make up the majority of the entries, and the author has added some commentary to those items which seemed to merit it, on account of their originality or because they are turning-points in the ideological debate on the subject.

Narrative Bibliography of the African- American Frontier Blacks in the Rocky Mountain West, 1535-1912
 Hardaway, Roger D.
1996 0-7734-8879-0 252 pages
Although blacks have lived in the Rocky Mountain West since the first black slaves accompanied Spanish conquistadores to New Mexico c. 1535, their accomplishments have long been overlooked. However, in the past 25 years, historians have made efforts to research this topic and publicize their contributions. This book brings together in one reference source the information on this topic, from over fifty books and 150 articles, categorized in groupings such as cowboys, soldiers, women, businesspeople, blacks and Mormons, discriminatory laws, etc.. Each chapter begins with a brief narrative summary of the topic gleaned from reading the appropriate sources and then lists each relevant book and article in an annotated bibliography for each chapter. It will serve as valuable research and reference tool on the subject for historian, students, and librarians.

New Challenges Facing Academic Librarians Today: Electronic Journals, Archival Digitization, Document delivery, etc.
 Sherman, Dayne
2005 0-7734-6013-6 304 pages
The editors of this work have put together a print collection of the best essays written by scholars on the front line of the scholarly communication revolution, with scholarly communication as one of its major subject areas. This work pulls together many disparate areas, providing both a theoretical and practical basis for understanding the changing face of scholarly communication in library and information science, and higher education.

Radio Patent Lists and Index, 1830-1980
 Kraeuter, David W.
2001 0-7734-7520-6 632 pages
This work opens and organizes the patent literature for a hundred US and British radio inventors who worked between 1830 and 1980. The bibliography provides a list of each inventor’s US or British patents in chronological order, providing an indication of the inventor’s technical development. A keyword index locates patents by general subject. Since all entries in the bibliography and index are complete, either can be used as a stand-alone document (to verify patent dates or numbers, for example) or as a tool which can provide rapid entry into the numerous patent volumes themselves.

Red River Gold Mines of Northern Taos County, New Mexico. An Annotated Bibliography of Geology, History and Historical Archaeology
 Burney, Michael S.
2015 1-4955-0330-5 608 pages
This remarkable compilation is intended as a list of cultural resource management (CRM) sources to be used by investigators pursuing hard-rock gold mining archaeological research and its role in the cultural heritage of the American West. This is an invaluable bibliography for archaeologists, geologists, historians, and miners and has never been available before in one comprehensive text.

Research Bibliography and Anthropological Study of Afro- Choco Communities on the Colombian Pacific Coast
 Fernández, Óscar
2016 1-4955-0447-6 256 pages
This book describes the acute structural plight of the Colombian Department of Chocó on the Pacific Coast. This Afro-Colombian, indigenous and mixed ancestry region is located in one of the richest areas of biodiversity remaining in the world and consequently gives rise to antagonistic confrontations due to the asymmetrical confluence of cultures in Colombian society.

Research Bibliography in Christian Ethics and Catholic Moral Theology
 Bretzke, James T.
2006 0-7734-5796-8 628 pages
This book provides a fairly extensive overview of this discipline from both an ecumenical and multi-cultural perspective. This chosen perspective amplifies the potential range of sources to be included, and the primary hermeneutical key for the organization and selection of materials presents the gathered materials in such a way that they can meet the needs of both the serious scholar as well as the non-expert with a curiosity to explore a given issue, author, or theme. No bibliography of this dimension currently exists.

Revolutionary Organizations and Revolutionaries in Interbellum Poland. A Bibliographical Biographical Study
 Simoncini, Gabriele
1992 0-7734-9487-1 296 pages
This bibliographical study, containing over three thousand entries in ten languages and further divided into thirty categories, is a comprehensive and focussed presentation of the revolutionary organizations and the Communist Party of interbellum Poland. The study is based on research covering the period from 1918 to 1990 and contains lists of file materials, bibliographies, documents, catalogues, and book, magazine and newspaper articles, primarily in Polish. In order to maintain a sharp focus, only those titles are included which are closely connected to the topic and not found in other major bibliographical studies. Much of the cited material appeared in Poland from the 1950's to the 1980's. These materials have been compiled from the most disparate sources, including studies by centralized institutions such as the government, The United Polish Workers' Party (UPWP), trade unions, and also by less official and marginal bodies, as well as independent studies. This study also includes special materials designed for the exclusive internal use of the UPWP and unpublished materials such as dissertations and manuscripts. The division of the materials into thirty categories is intended to facilitate the use of this bibliography in future historical research. The anniversaries section, for example, presents historical perspectives of the UPWP. In one sense, it documents how the UPWP, the self-declared official heir to the prewar communist ideology, perceived its past communist history. The titles within this section focus upon the observations of those who celebrated the communist past in important historical moments. In another sense, the celebration and analyses thereof, at both the specialist and grass roots level, reveal more about the contemporary UPWP itself than of the pre-war communists. The second part of this study comprises an extensive list of revolutionaries and accompanying bibliographic entries. Again, this has been carried out with the criterion of maintaining a sharp focus, and avoiding superfluous materials. Since about ten percent of the revolutionaries in interbellum Poland are sketched herein, previous assumptions can be tested or new hypotheses may arise on this working political body.

Robert Frost's Reading. An Annotated Bibliography
 Tutein, David W.
1997 0-7734-8519-8 272 pages
This bibliography will make available to Frost scholars and others a list of the books Frost kept in his personal library, and gathers in one place unpublished information about his reading, gleaned from letters in the archives of American universities. This work provides solid support for previous speculations on Frost's influences, and provides a clearer portrait of Frost the man and poet. It is an alphabetical listing by surname, or magazine/newspaper title of books and articles read, with dates of the reading where possible, and, most importantly, Frost's recorded opinion.

Ronald Reagan His First Career. A Bibliography of the Movie Years
 McClure, Arthur F.
1988 0-88946-098-1 240 pages
Covers Reagan's early years in radio, films, and television and his formative role as President of the Screen Actors Guild. Also features complete cast lists for the films of Ronald and Nancy Reagan and lists of books and articles on Reagan and his family.

Scandinavian Pupils of the Atelier Bonnat, 1867-1894
 Challons-Lipton, Siulolovao
2002 0-7734-7333-5 284 pages
This study examines the role of French painter Léon Bonnat in reforming art education in the 19th century Paris. It examines his relationship with the Scandinavian pupils in his private teaching students, analyzing the impact of French art upon the techniques, aims and achievements of art in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Also examines the opportunities and facilities of women artists within this framework. With illustrations. “This is one of the most far-reaching studies of the cultural cross-currents in late nineteenth-century Europe. . . . Viewing French art through the eyes of Scandinavian artists not only tells us a great deal about the nature of art in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway, but brings a refreshingly new perspective to our understanding of French art. . . . Student of French art will find a fascinating case study of a major teacher whose relationship with his predecessors and with the Academy are fully explored. . . . To any scholar with an interest in the attraction of Paris for artists in this period, this book will provide a model of its kind.” – J. J. L. Whiteley, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford “. . . the author considers Bonnat’s impact on a whole range of areas, filling the many lacunae still abounding with respect to the artistic education he provided in his private studios, the Scandinavian artists in Paris who came to him for tuition, and the facilities he provided for women artists to study. . . . Dr. Challons-Lipton has carried out copious research on these matters, using her fluent knowledge of French and Swedish. . . investigating archives in Paris and Bayonne, as well as in Scandinavia itself, especially Stockholm. Artists’ letters, diaries, as well as other literary and visual material, including pictures, were examined and play a crucial role in her research. . . an innovative and scholarly exploration of a fascinating and largely unexplored subject offering a vista in which it has become possible to make interesting linkages amongst Scandinavian artists and the world of Parisian arts and studios, still with relevance for the art world today.” – Neil Kent, Cambridge “Supported by comprehensive unpublished primary source material, together with an impartial view of French nineteenth century painting, Challons-Lipton convincingly reveals the crucial influence that this French artist had over the many Scandinavian artists who went to France to study under him. She gives an informed description of Bonnat’s teaching methods and provides the reader with detailed information about his style of painting. . . . succeeds, furthermore, in showing that this knowledge later reached the Scandinavian educational institutions, which impacted artists at the turn of the century, who were initially trained in methods originating in Bonnat’s studio. The writer also observes the central role that women played in the Scandinavian artists’ colony in Paris. . . . helps both to re-examine nineteenth-century French art, and establish which French artists were most admired by Scandinavian painters in Paris and what they absorbed.” – Dr. Tomas Björk, Stockholm University

Select Annotated Bibliography of Public Attitudes Toward Mental Illness, 1975-2005
 Bhugra, Dinesh
2007 0-7734-5169-2 244 pages
This volume brings together key papers which, from 1975 to 2005, have dealt with public attitudes to mental illness and psychiatry. Knowledge of such attitudes is essential for those who deliver mental health care so that primary prevention, early intervention and appropriate treatments can be set up.

Selected Annotated Bibliography on Italian Serial Composers
 Stokes, Harvey J.
1990 0-88946-577-0 80 pages
A listing of articles and books on the music of eleven Italian serial composers: Berio, Bussotti, Castiglioni, Clementi, Dallapiccola, Donatoni, Maderna, Nono, Petrassi, Togni, and Vlad. Listed documents take the form of interviews, musical critiques and analyses, stylistic surveys, biographies, and listings of companies.

Selected Bibliography of Competence-Based Education and Training (cbet) Primarily Related to England and Wales Plus a Selection of Key Publications From Other Countries with Brief Annotations
 Gokulsing, K. Moti
1997 0-7734-8457-4 80 pages
This bibliography concentrates exclusively on the emergence of the competence-based and outcomes-based model of education and training since 1985 upon which several national programs are now based. It is a selection of the more significant publications in a growing and increasingly important body of work within education and training.

Social Studies for the 21st Century - A Review of Current Literature and Research
 McKay, Roberta A.
2004 0-7734-6355-0 172 pages
The area of social studies is probably the curriculum area that has seen the least amount of change over the last 25 years. The purpose of this book in bringing together these diverse areas in relation to social studies is to contribute to a renewed dialogue and excitement about social studies and its essential contribution to global citizenship for the 21st Century. This work began as a broad review of the international research and literature on topics that the authors determined should be considered when reconceptualizing social studies teaching and learning for the 21st century. The contents of the review were developed through an examination of international and national social studies journals, textbooks, research handbooks, publications and conference programs to ascertain topics that have impacted the social studies community within the last decade. These topics were grouped to determine the five main sections of this review including purposes and goals of social studies, role of the disciplines, curricular influences on social studies, and epistemological views as influences on teaching and learning, and children’s ways of knowing. A comprehensive reference list for each of the five areas is provided as well as a summary of possible implications of the literature for K-12 social studies teaching and learning.

Sociology of Law: A Bibliography of Theoretical Literature
 Treviño, A. Javier
2003 0-7734-6585-5 220 pages
This revised and updated bibliography will help researchers quickly and effectively locate appropriate sources, and will be of most benefit to legal sociologists, legal anthropologists, law school professors, academic criminologists, criminal justice educators, etc.

An Inventory of Tasks, Tensions, and Achievements
 Falk, Gerhard
1990 0-88946-797-8 248 pages

THE THEORY OF SCIENCE: A Philosophical Investigation Into the Symbolic Reduction of Experience
 Roscoe, John
2010 0-7734-3609-X 268 pages
This book asserts that what makes science “science” can only be the peculiar mode of its exercise of reason. Its essential content is a careful analysis first of the Euclidean paradigm for systematic intellectual work and then of the Newtonian paradigm for the particular intellectual work of the scientist which has so often been confounded with it.

The Waldorf Movement in Education From European Cradle to American Crucible, 1919-2008
 Oberman, Ida
2008 0-7734-4970-1 452 pages
This study examines how and why the Stuttgart Model retained its identity without central bureaucracy or a structured administrative hierarchy. One of the oldest charter school movements, its strengths and weaknesses provide critical lessons for the evaluation of emerging schools of this type.

U. S. Foreign Language Deficit and Our Economic and National Security: A Bibliographic Essay on the U. S. Language Paradox
 Stein-Smith, Kathleen
2013 0-7734-4545-5 288 pages
How has the American deficiency in foreign language study affected foreign policy, diplomacy, the economy, and most of all national security. This book showcases how the use of a second language can be helpful in political and economic circumstances. Various policy initiatives are analyzed to discuss their efficiency in bringing languages to American citizens. A recent study found that only 25% of Americans are fluent in a foreign language. Stein-Smith argues that once you remove the first generation immigrant population from those numbers you are left with an extremely negligible number of citizens who can functionally speak a foreign language. This is problematic for many social, political, and economic reasons. In a globalizing world America needs to be competitive by teaching foreign languages to its populace.

Una BibliografÍa Anotada De Obras Escritas Por Mujeres En Euskera/an Annotated Bibliography of Works Written by Women in Basque
 Núñez-Betelu, Maite
2003 0-7734-6877-3 188 pages
This is the most exhaustive bibliography compiled on Basque works written by women, since their first poems in the late 18th and 19th centuries through the year 2000. The work is divided into two parts: literature for adults and literature for children, which is then further divided into narrative, poetry, and drama. Works are entered alphabetically by author. Complete bibliographical reference to each work is given and a brief commentary on the topic of each work is included.

Vives Bibliography
 Noreña, Carlos G.
1990 0-88946-148-1 92 pages