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Islam, Medicine, and Practitioners in Northern Nigeria
1997 0-7734-8655-0
Many ethnographers and anthropologists have written about traditional medicine in Africa as if it were one coherent system. This volume argues that though the Islamic and the pre-Islamic Hausa medical systems have by now many things in common, their theoretical and conceptual frameworks are different. They operate from different understandings of the causes of disease and misfortune, and the appropriate methods to be employed to restore health or alleviate suffering. It also discusses another significant difference between the Islamic and non-Islamic Hausa medical systems: the mode of preserving and communicating medical knowledge. For a thorough understanding of the interaction between these two medical traditions in Hausaland, the early history of Islamic medicine is described, and its theories, concepts, and developments through the centuries are explored.

1991 0-7734-9726-9
A study of the three bundles of Arabic Manuscripts from the Guinea Coast found in 1963 at the Royal Library in Copenhagen. The first part focuses on the examination of the instructions for making charms and amulets. The second part reviews factors that explain the popularity of Muslim charms in Asante. Pays particular attention to specific historical events in Asante from 1804 to 1867.