Work of Vinnette Carroll, an African American Theatre Artist

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This study examines Vinnette Carroll's coantributions to theatre and musical theatre, and especially her work as developer of the song play through her collaboration with composer Micki Grant and her work with Langston Hughes. It focuses on her attempt to revitalize the spirit of the African American theatre experience through h directing, development of the gospel song-play, and her innovative administrative style. Research consisted of evaluating plays written, directed and collaborated on by Carroll in conjunction with the review of available prompt scripts. Critical reviews from public performances were evaluated, historical and biographical data compiled. Interviews with Carroll and other artists with whom she were worked were conducted.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

List of Illustrations; Preface; Introduction

1.Biographical Profile to 1957: Formative Years; Psychology Studies; theatre Studies; Early Theatrical Employment

2.Acting Career and Directing (Early Years): Acting – Acting Philosophy, Roles; Directing – Dark of the Moon, Ondine, Kicks and Company, The Disenchanted; The Flies; Slow Dance on the Killing Ground

3.Carroll as Director (Later Years): Directing Philosophy and Technique; the Process from Rehearsal to Performance; Process of collaborating with other theatre artists

4.Development of the Song-Play: Characteristics of the Genre; Early Application; Black Nativity; Trumpets of the Lord; Prodigal Son

5.The Urban Arts Corps: Founding; Structure; Philosophy; Development; Notable Shows – Don't Bother Me I Can't ‘Cope'; Your Arms Too Short to Box with God

6.Summary: The Vinnette Carroll Repertory Company; Carroll's Legacy

Appendices: Vinnette Caroll's Acting Credits; Directing Credits; Programs of First Performances Off-Broadway; Programs of First Performances on Broadway; Programs of National and International Tours; Director's Prompt Script of Your Arms Too Short to Box With God; The Vinnette Carroll Theatre, Dedication Program

Bibliography, Index

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