Woman, Violence, and the Bible

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". . . a collection of fascinating Biblical investigations which focus on the role of violence and women as they are represented in Genesis, all four Christian Gospels, the Acts of the Apostles, and the Book of Revelation. . . . offers fresh insights to the interpretation of Biblical violence as well as the roles women played in leadership in the Christian Gospels. Her work on dissenting groups and social protest in the gospel of Mark provides a rich contribution to contemporary discussions regarding the Social Gospel, Liberation Theology, and Feminist theologies." - Mary Hynes

"Selvidge's writing is direct and accessible. It emphasizes the pervasiveness of violence in the biblical world and texts. But Selvidge does not focus her readers' attention only on the past. The book begins with an introduction and closes with both a chapter and an epilogue which name contemporary, personal, professional, political, and bureaucratic experiences of violence. Throughout she evidences the conviction that unthoughtful and uninformed reading of the Bible contributes to intolerance, revenge, abuse, hatred, destruction. From thoughtful and informed reading emerge new and different possibilities." - Warren Carter

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