William Penn on Religion and Ethics the Emergence of Liberal Quakerism

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Shows in detail how Penn moved from an early Quaker prophetic or radical conception of the divine Light as challenge to every person, into a conception of moral truth as already known in part by everyone. A more complete study than had previously been possible of Penn's relation to the Socinian Unitarians, to the Cambridge Platonists and English humanists, and to some intense debates between Quakers and Anglicans and Baptists in which Penn took a vigorous part.


"The collection does include, in edited form, almost all of Penn's major works on these subjects and also some of his lesser publications. As a secondary goal, Barbour wants this collection to emphasize the original form in which these various pieces were published -- although on rare occasions he also includes a later version of one or another of Penn's works. This is perhaps the most important feature of the collection. . . . What Barbour's collection of Penn materials can do is serve either as a guided sourcebook for mid-level students of Quaker history or as a handy abridged reference text for scholars who need quick access to this material." - The Mennonite Quarterly Review

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