William Lord Herbert of Pembroke (c. 1507-1570)

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Political biography of Tudor courtier-councilor William Herbert which reveals a different portrait of the man than earlier antiquarian accounts. The author posits that Sir William was a successful politician and politique who was as mindful of his personal interests as of those of his country.


"The reassessment of a generation of Tudor politicians who (unlike More) never achieved sainthood, yet fell far short of total depravity, has been under way for over a decade, and Narasingha P. Sil's study of Herbert is a welcome addition to this literature. . . . Sil is at his best in analyzing the complex politics of the reign of Edward VI. . . . Specialists will want to study Sil's work with care and give greater prominence to Herbert and others of his kind who thrived in the shifting sands of Tudor politics." - Albion

". . . goes a long way toward clearing up several widely held misconceptions about Herbert's career . . . ." - F. Jeffrey Platt in The Journal of the Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association

"Sil argues persuasively that Pembroke was devoted to the crown above all political considerations and was a religious moderate by personal inclination. . . . Specialists will welcome this competent addition to our knowledge of a man so long involved in Tudor politics. . . " - American Historical Review

". . . this is a valuable contribution." - Sixteenth Century Journal

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