Why British Black Women Have Difficulty Finding Employment. A Sociological Analysis

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Utilizes first-hand interviews with unemployed black women in Britain to ascertain reasons why they cannot find work. The author studies the various barriers that impede Black Women from succeeding in employment and in education. Her conclusions are that racial discrimination along with their subjective racial and gendered identity hinders their forward progress in employment situations, and in educational settings.


“The experiences of unemployment of these women are well documented as the women themselves tell their stories.”
-Prof. Gary McCulloch,
University of London

“…it is relevant to researchers in ethnography, research methods, policy makers, government advisors, and anyone anxious to promote social justice.”
-Prof. Mary Scott,
University of London

Table of Contents

Foreword by Gary McCulloch
Chapter One: Introduction
Chapter Two: Literature Review
Chapter Three: Research Methodology
Chapter Four: Findings and Discussion – Center One
Chapter Seven: Conclusion
Appendix A: Focus Group Aide-Memoire
Appendix B: Focus Group Framework Questions Bibliography

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