When Last I Saw You

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". . . comes out of life lived in lows and highs, joys and sadnesses -- experiences we all know; yet Patricia Claire Peters make us see and feel the ordinary and extraordinary happenings and emotions we all share. . . . give us poems which call us to the truths in ourselves, humanizing experiences." - Shelby Stephenson in The Pilot

"An edge of raw feeling gives some of Patricia Peters' poems real power, and I recommend When Last I Saw You . . . . Now and again Peters shows an unexpected sense of humor . . ." - Fred Chappell in The Georgia Review

"The poetry is rich and earthly imaginative, borne through our earthly cornucopia, spilling from the fields and forests. . . . a poetry in exultation, loud as Hosannas and quiet as prayer unshared." -- Dusty Dog Reviews

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