What is It that Theologians Do, How They Do It and Why

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The purpose of this volume of essays is to offer a picture and examples of what it is that Christian theologians do and why and how they do it. These essays treat three areas of theological concern which constitute the parts of the book: the methods of theological procedure, the topics and questions addressed by theologians, and various applications of theological conclusions A proposal is presented that the most important and influential development is a new Romantic movement which arose in the last century and has influenced all areas of our culture. This movement has both positive and negative influences on Christianity and theology which are examined in detail.


“ ... The purpose of this book is to deal with … questions about theology, and by means of some examples to give the reader a clearer idea of what theologians do, what is the point of theology, and why it is sometimes a necessity … in these essays the reader will gain a deeper and clearer understanding of what theology is and how it can help to clarify and resolve issues which arise in the Christian life in the Church and the world.” (From the Introduction)

“ ... I heartily recommend this book not only for the leading theologians of our age, to whom it is directly addressed, but also for students and younger theologians. If they come away with even a bit of the clarity and respect for truth that Dr. Thomas models here, the next generation of theologians will be more perceptive and more acute than their predecessors.” – Professor Philip Clayton, Claremont Graduate University

Table of Contents


Part I – Method
1. On the Methodology and Sociology of Theology
2. Theology and Experience
3. Public Theology and Counter-Public Spheres
4. On Stepping Twice into the Same Church
5. On Doing Theology During a Romantic Movement

Part II – Topics
6. Analogy at Impasse
7. Being and Some Theologians
8. Recent Thought on Divine Agency

Part III – Applications
9. Interiority and Christian Spirituality
10. Thought and Life: The Cases of Heidegger and Tillich
11. Religious Plurality and Contemporary Philosophy
12. Christianity and the Perennial Philosophy
13. Tillich and the Perennial Philosophy
14. Beatrice or Iseult? The Debate About Romantic Love
15. Modern Science and Christian Faith
Name Index

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