Communitarianism, Liberalism, and Social Responsibility

Papers selected from the International Social Philosophy Conference in Vermont, 1990. The papers provide a continuing discussion of the issues related to liberalism, communitarianism, and distributive justice among scholars in social philosophy, and for class reading and discussion in college and university courses on social philosophy and politics. Headings include: The Foundations of Liberal Moral Theory; Liberal Morality in Practice; Liberalism in a Conservative Society; Philosophy and Community.


". . . the most interesting of all is probably John A. Doody's comparison of Habermas and MacIntyre where he argues persuasively that the archdefender of enlightenment theory and the archcritic of modern liberalism have in fact much in common. . . . many interesting issues are raised, but in my view Mario Marelli's paper on `Education as a Right' takes his subject to a level of sophistication that makes it stand out, not only among the other papers in the section, but also from most writing in this area. . . . it can hardly be in doubt that the volume as a whole contributes significantly to that debate [about liberalism]." - Gordon Graham
Social Philosophy Today Vol. 6