Virginia Woolf's Subject and the Subject of Ethics. Notes Toward a Poetics of Persons

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Examines Woolf's work as a contribution to philosophy, focusing on her contribution to ethics and expanding the discussion beyond her fiction to include specifically autobiographical writing. Its focus on social ethics combined with an interdisciplinary approach will appeal to scholars from a number of different perspectives. The social theory developed in Part One draws especially on the work of Jean Piaget. Approaching deconstruction via Piaget and Woolf, the volume makes a useful contribution to the postmodern discussion of the death of the subject and the reconstruction of virtue.


". . . defines a discipline of ethics in dialogue with social theory and usee this framework to discuss Augustine's Confessions and Woolf's A Sketch of the Past. . . .contrasts Augustine with Woolf's autobiographical acts in Sketch and in other writings ( including A Room of One's Own and Three Guineas). Woolf undermines the structure established by Augustine and develops a poetics of persons that remakes the world and redefines autobiographical practice. Recommended for graduate students, researchers, and faculty." - Choice

"This book by Steven Schroeder takes up issues that have been raised and that are still being debated energetically in behavioral science and in ethics by Geertz, MacIntyre, Martha Nussbaum, and by every postmodern writer. I think it should have more influence than any work in ethics that has appeared since MacIntyre's After Virtue. It brings together many areas of inquiry in clear, groundbreaking, readily applicable ways." - Joseph D. Stamey

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