Vietnam Voices

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"Other than the pristine lists on the tablets of the Vietnam memorial in Washington, D.C., these 81 poems may be the cleanest expressions to emerge from the dirtiest war ever fought by this nation. The most poetic certainly, surely the simplest, and likely the most powerful. Try any one of them. From the first line, usually from the first word, you will be involved. The honesty of this poet's observations as he hones in on each war experience is astounding...His writing is always as loaded as the bombs he writes about -- and as explosive. He never mounts a soapbox; he stays in his fiery furnace." - The CWG Newsletter

"What is most important about Peter Ulisse's Vietnam Voices is the fact that he had the courage to summon the sleeping ghosts of that war, and allow them to speak to us from their own levels of commitment, and from both sides of the dividing lines. . . . This book, perhaps as important and as necessary as that black marble monument in Washington, allows us to confront, listen to, and even understand a part of our history that has too long been silent. . . . This is no self-serving diary written from political or judgmental foxholes. . . . It allows us to see, hear, and feel the many faces of war. It invites us to bear witness, understand, accept, and hopefully, be healed." - Richard Fewell in The Small Pond Magazine of Literature

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