Value of Educational Partnerships Worldwide with the Arts, Science, Business, and Community Organizations

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This work compares studies of partnerships that involve business, arts, science, and community organizations as they work with educational institutions on a worldwide scale. The book is unique in that it suggests the options available to newer American partnerships if they will use the experience of European countries. The literature on partnership is linked to the study of marginality. The work includes links with a number of new directions including religion and higher education that can assist the continuation of partnership and their examination of new issues.


“…brings to the forefront the complex and rich relationships between schools and partner organizations. Dr. Mitchell’s framework for looking at partnerships and the international context he brings to this work provide needed critical attention to these essential relationships….provokes important new thinking and much needed discussion about the types and functions of partnerships and their effects on schools, on the organizations themselves and on communities.” – Diana Lauber, Managing Director, Cross City Campaign for Urban School Reform

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Foreword; Preface
1. Introduction to Partnerships
2. Four Types of Partnerships
3. Cooperation among the Leaders
4. Social Movements
5. Inspirations
6. Options
Bibliography; Index

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