Urban Design Ethics in Ancient China

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This study examines architecture and urban design as a joint entity, with a further subdivision, socio-cultural studies, used to develop a more complete picture of the ethical forces that shape the Chinese city. It incorporates information from other disciplines – history, archaeology, anthropology – to elaborate the discussions and conclusions. It highlights the influence of cumulative Chinese thoughts, beliefs, behavior, and ethics upon the formation of their distinctive spatial urban form.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Preface; Literature Review; Introduction
1. Ethics of Pre-Urban Chinese Settlements
2. Distinct Chinese Philosophy of the Environment
3. Chinese Urban Design Evolution
4. Rise of the Capital Cities
5. Design Elements of the City
6. Imperial Cities and Palaces
Conclusion; Bibliography
Appendix 1 – Ancient Chinese Measurements; Appendix 2 – Listing of 143 National and State Capitals by Dynasties; Appendix 3 – Details of National and State Capitals by Dynasties; Appendix 4 – Sources of Figures

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