United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities an Ecumenical Venture

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The story of the United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities represents the history of a theological school founded in the midst of the turmoil of the 60's but with a vision and commitment to ecumenical theological education in a liberal context. This story is important in its own right, as the documentation of a particular and local history. It further contributes to the larger history of theological education and its changes in the latter part of the twentieth century. It is also part of the history of an important ecumenical venture, the United Church of Christ, in its formative years.


"I was soon surprised to discover how much the story of this rather small seminary of the United Church of Christ recapitulates what has happened in theological education among Protestants in North America over the more than three decades of its life. . . . Many trends that influenced theological education across North America were sharply reflected, such as cooperation with seminaries across and beyond Protestantism; concerns for justice; the place of women in culture, church, and seminary; racism in its many guises; changing patterns of theological thought and life; struggles to identify unities as diversity increased; and the complex, emotionally intense issues of sexuality." - Journal of Ecumenical Studies

"Honesty, thoroughness, and a committed but objective stance make this superb but unpretentious history a revealing and thought-provoking handbook for anyone interested in understanding theological education." - Lowell H. Zuck

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