Understanding Jewish Ethics. Volume 1

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Investigates ethical perspectives and themes in Judaism from the biblical through the modern period. Compares and contrasts the Jewish ethical tradition in Greco-Roman, Christian and Moslem ethics. Topics include: suicide, self-sacrifice, euthanasia, lying and deception, political ethics, the ethics of war and peace, women and ethics, sexual ethics, death and dying, AIDS, and bio-medical ethics.


". . . represents the culmination of the program that [Freund] has been rightly pushing for some time, namely, the application of modern textual criticism to the use of Jewish texts in contemporary ethical matters." - Rabbi Dr. Elliot Dorff

". . . has contributed a solid base for discussion of Jewish ethics and on a level easily understood by the non-expert. It is so refreshing to see women given the space and the standing that their contributions deserve together with a serious discussion of `the ethics of women.' " - Professor Jill Raitt

"One of the contributions that Richard Freund makes to our understanding Jewish ethics is a description of `the method of Jewish ethics.' Many people are willing to describe the outcome of ethical investigation, but have little or nothing to say about the process of ethical deliberation. . . . The final chapter is an excellent example of all that is involved in understanding Jewish ethics. " - Shofar

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