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This book is primarily for the American business community, but can by used by anyone with a commercial interest in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, and by students of international business. It covers a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from cultural environments to political events, from investment environments to the mechanics of trading in the region, and from history to current practical knowledge. Provides in-depth discussion of business cultures, negotiation styles, foreign trade policies, domestic distribution systems, investment policies, joint venture practices and technology transfer. Discussion questions for student use are included at the end of each chapter.


"This book is a superior work which covers not only the basics of doing business with China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, but provides a concise and penetrating analysis of the background information necessary to fully understand the nuances of how and why certain practices and policies are accepted in the Chinese world. . . . The initial section written by Professor Pan of China is a most interesting analysis of what is often a dry and boring section when handled by a less skillful author. The second half of the book is an equally impressive section in which Dr. Chen of the United States provides practical details on how to do business with the Chinese world. . . . A hidden strength of the book is the use of Chinese sayings throughout which lends authenticity and directly assists the Western reader in understanding the Chinese viewpoint. . . . The authors have an outstanding chapter on the cultural dimensions of doing business with the Chinese. . . . The chapter on joint ventures is outstanding with discussion on how to create them as well as the problems to be expected. . . .This book is a major contribution to the literature on doing business with the Chinese world. . . . The authors have a complete understanding of both the Western and Chinese cultures and are able to make the many complexities of the Chinese world understandable to the Western reader. Also, the book is of a reasonable length to make it attractive to the busy Western executive." - Thomas Irby Kindel in Journal of Asian Business

"The work is a skilled blend of scholarship and practical guidance. . . . the book as a whole addresses two critical needs at the same time; it provides a comprehensive guide to business in China for professionals, and an excellent instructional tool for students studying international business in Asia. . . . This book is a definite addition to the growing international business literature, written from internationalist by Chinese perspective, and is must reading for any professional who wishes to conduct business in China, now or in the future." - Martin H. Sours

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