UNDERSTANDING THE CHINESE PERSONALITY: Parenting, Schooling, Values, Morality, Relations, and Personality

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Deals with the interaction of personality and some major aspects of culture among the Chinese in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the U.S. Makes a significant contribution to the discipline of psychology and presents a detailed analysis of the Chinese people in general and the educated Chinese in particular.


"This book is a magnum opus in many senses of the term. . . . The book's focus is on human development across the life span, but its scope is truly multidisciplinary. Lew discusses differences between Chinese and Western people that have been a central issue in anthropology, questions about social structure that are basic to sociology, and analyses of historical change in Chinese nations that are important topics in political science.. . . . because of the focus on human development, the book has a fascinating historical dimension. Through the biographical interviews and autobiographical case studies, Professor Lew gives life to events such as the Cultural Revolution. . . . Some of Lew's conclusions are controversial. For example, Lew claims that Chinese people are so authority-oriented and power-oriented that they are not psychologically prepared to live in a democracy. However, the book includes so many details about his research data that readers can re-examine and re-interpret the data for themselves. Thus, the book will ea rich source of ideas and information for future researchers and scholars." - Thomas H. Berndt, Head of Department of Psychological Sciences, Purdue University

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Foreword by Lucian W. Pye, Preface
1. Introduction: Sample and Method; Structure of Presentation
2. Parenting Patterns and the Child's Personality: Parental Behavior and the Child's Personality; The Child's Personality under Joint Parenting Patterns; Four Joint Parenting Styles and Related Variables
3. Family Harmony, Education, and Personality: Parenting, Family Harmony, and the Child's Personality; Chinese Education as Educated Chinese See It; A Case of Education Reform
4. Types and Traits of Personality: Mainland Chinese; Taiwan Chinese; Overseas Chinese and Chinese in General; Differences by Geography, Gender, and Perception
5. Life Span Personality Development: 28 Brief Hong Kong Cases; 6 Detailed Mainland China Cases
6. Values and Personality: Cultural Values; Personality Dimensions; Salient Personality Traits; Ambitions and Aspirations; Personality and Value Change; Mate Preferences
7. Morality and Interpersonal Relationships: Moral Judgment and Moral Development; Interpersonal Relationships; Supportive Relationships
8. Conclusions, Major Findings, Implications
Appendices, References, Index

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