Translation of Jose Zorrilla’s Don Juan Tenorio

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“Dr. Trimble’s introduction provides a concise and readable overview of the play, its context, and the history of the Don Juan theme. It gives a reader who has a minimal knowledge of the period and the genre a satisfactory orientation without burdening him or her with the scholarly details….Zorrilla is a consummate dramatist and Dr. Trimble does him justice in this translation….Dr. Trimble’s translation of Don Juan Tenorio by José Zorrilla y Moral fulfills a need by making a significant work of Spanish drama accessible and understandable to the general reader.” – Hubert P. Weller, Professor Emeritus, Hope College

“…Trimble has produced a very readable and updated Don Juan Tenorio that shows why this figure has inspired artists as diverse as Molière, Mozart, Lord Byron, and George Bernard Shaw.” – Robert M. Fedorchek, Fairfield University

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