Transfiguration of Christ in Scripture and Tradition

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A study, both biblical and patristic, that bridges the gap that has developed between dogmatics and biblical exegesis. Presents the basic texts on the transfiguration of Christ in Mark and their exegesis, then discusses the interpretation of this theme in the early Greek and Latin Church Fathers. Includes translations of the basic Latin and Greek texts dealing with the transfiguration.


"A fine achievement, which gives us a sense of the exegetical history of an important event in Jesus' life." - Spectrum Review

"... Following a discussion of major themes in patristic commentaries, more than half the book consists in English renderings of Greek and Byzantine texts (2nd to 14th centuries) and Latin texts (2nd to 8th centuries), many translated here for the first time. This valuable anthology discloses the development of the distinctive mystical and ontological understanding of transfiguration in Byzantine theology. It also makes excellent lectio divina." - Verna E.F. Harrison in Religious Studies Review.

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