Traditional Folk Tales of Ghana

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Besides enriching culture, folk-tales continue to fascinate both children and adults, providing inherent educational, moral, and ethical values. This volume presents a comprehensive collection of Ghanaian folk-tales which are as original as they are fascinating. The rich characterizations will provide ideas for dramatization as well as reading materials for children.


". . . consists of 170 popular stories drawn from Ewe, Ga, Ashanti, Fanti, and Akaupem peoples of Ghana. The stories are written in simple style for easy comprehension. . . . Through folk-lores, the book unveils the ethical values of tradition Ghanaian societies as well as the cultures of the people." - Emmanuel Konde

"In this text, Emmanuel Asihene has prepared for the world legends and stories of West African origin which possess the ability to transform human lives. The gift of Ananse tales is a gift of love, wisdom, and communal growth. . . . The real joy inherent in the hearing or reading of this Ghanaian-based folklore is the cultural reinforcing of the sacred relationship between the elders and the young." - Daniel Black

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