To Empower as Jesus Did. Acquiring Spiritual Power Through Apprenticeship

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Defends the thesis that the concrete reality of religious life is best understood as a learned activity. Milavec illustrates this thesis through an interpretation of Jesus which pictures him as a "master" apprenticing his disciples, with analyses of individual growth in community, the manner in which personal transformations can occur, and the role of scripture, prayer, and ritual in promoting religious life.


"This is a fascinating and substantial design to break new ground in the understanding of Christian formation and education." - Theological Studies

"Judged in its totality, the volume deserves serious attention in the internal study of Christology within the church as well as in the Christian-Jewish dialogue." - Journal of Ecumenical Studies

". . . the pages of his book reveal both theological brilliance and courage." - Convivium ". . . a stimulating portrayal of the dynamics of the Christian religion." - Horizons

". . . a stimulating portrayal of the dynamics of the Christian religion. I would recommend it for advanced students who already have some grasp of contemporary Christology both for its alternative Christological interpretation and for its theoretical in

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