Theology of Christian Mission. What Should the Church Seek to Accomplish

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Examines the purpose of the religious mission. Following Christ who Himself showed absolute humility, the essence of missions should be to humbly, but also boldly, proclaim the salvation in Him. Following this rationale, the study argues for its application to continent of Africa where poverty should be considered from the perspective of human beings’ responsibility before God.


“. . . this book exceeds the boundaries of classical dogmatics: it shows that faith without conversion is empty. The divinity of Christ is only manifested if it results in the empowerment of the poor, thus proclaiming Him the Lord of lords and the King of kings on a world of conflicting powers. If we understand the gospel in this way, it is cleat that the divinity of Christ is the only hope for the present world, with its political and military conflicts.” – Dr. A. van de Beek, Professor of Systemic Theology, Dean of the Faculty of Theology, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, Extraordinary Professor, University of Stellenbosch

“Verster’s book is to be welcomed by missionary leaders and planners, by pastors hoping to help their congregations understand the challenges of becoming missional churches, and—especially—by lecturers who need to bring their students on par with recent discussions of reconciliation and mission.” - Piet Meiring, Emeritus Professor of Missiology, University of Pretoria, South Africa

“The book embraces the mission Deo concept in that it propagates for a mission paradigm that seeks to reconcile and restore the fallen relationship between man and God, fellow human beings and the entire created order. Reconciliation is made possible by following the person and the footsteps of Jesus Christ who became the true face of God in the suffering of humanity.” - Prof. Dr. TD Mashau, Head and Professor of Missiology, Faculty of Theology, North West University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr. A. van de Beek
1. God’s turning towards man
2. Atonement and reconciliation
3. Mission and the ministry of reconciliation
4. The theology of reconciliation as missional model
5. Mission and the glory and lordship of Christ - A Pauline perspective
6. A Christocentric approach to the reformed doctrine as mission’s point of departure
7. Mission in humility: A perspective on Paul
8. “And Africa will be saved!”? – Reflections on the church, the mission and the need of sub-Saharan Africa
9. The empowerment of the poor
10. Muslim evangelism: a continuing discussion
11. Pluralism

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