Theatre and Social Change in Zambia the Chikwakwa Theatre

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This is the only comprehensive documentation of the activities of the University of Zambia Chikwakwa Theatre, a group which used the medium of theatre to bring about social change in the central African nation of Zambia between 1969-1979. What are today known as the "Chikwakwa concepts" have become part of the universal theatre language of the southern African region. Explores information, ideas, and philosophy: that theatre can be aggressively used as a vehicle for social change; that theatre and politics are inextricably linked in Africa because "cultural discussion is frequently political discussion"; that the socio-political functions of the theatre are more crucial than the entertainment or aesthetic values; and that for theatre to be effective it must be rooted in the traditions of the people. The book's ten-page bibliography, extensive footnotes and photographs of the group in action make this volume an important tool for further research in African studies.

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