The Vedic View of Life: The Path to Perfection (Softcover)

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Dr. Nirode Mohanty describes how the Vedic view of perceiving life, and living according to the universal principles that are inherent to the philosophy, would improve the spiritual and mental well-being of the world in general.


"This adaptation of deep eastern precepts to Western scholarly and scientific disciplines, as well as to cultural and artistic products, was not discouraged by the living emissaries from India. Quite the opposite in fact: they inspired, urged, and cheered the adaptation process, and in fact, excelled at it themselves. The most successful gurus had an uncanny ability to shape their offerings for a new and vastly different context without diluting, distorting, or compromising their integrity."
Dr. Philip Goldberg

Table of Contents

List of Figures

Foreword by Philip Goldberg



Chapter 1: The Path to Perfection: Six Systems

Chapter 2: Mind, Body, Self, and Paths

Chapter 3: The Vedic Religion, Spiritualism, and Culture

Chapter 4: The Vedic Principles and Practices

Chapter 5: The Vedic Music and Intellectuals

Appendix 1: Glossary

Appendix 2: The Vedic Scriptures


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