The Soda Fountains of New Orleans: A History in Words and Pictures

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An Oversized 9 x 12 Book
Dr. Danna has put together an illustrated and informative book that covers the history of soda fountains in the United States, concentrating particularly on New Orleans, giving considerable background about the city's history, culinary staples, and ethnic groups for context. It is organized chronologically starting with the first soda fountains to the present day.


"It’s a history filled with surprises, controversies, and pure enjoyment. The story is also one that lends itself particularly well to an illustrative representation. … Thankfully Dr. Danna has provided us with this wonderful volume detailing the history of the New Orleans soda fountain both in words and pictures. This gives those that have never experienced an old time soda fountain the chance to see just what it was all about and learn the history of a truly American entity."
Mr. James Andrews, M.A.

Table of Contents

Foreword by James Andrews



I. New Orleans and its Origins: The Ethnicities, Culinary Staples and Drinks with some American Notes

II. The Accelerated Evolution of the Soda Fountain from the Late 18th Century throughout the 19th Century

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