The Philosophical and Legal Concept of War

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This book demonstrates that, under contemporary principles of international law, war is an illegal institution in the international relations between States. War myths and fallacious doctrines meant to show the necessity of war are refuted and their falsehood and absurdity demonstrated. Also, it is established that the distinguished philosophers, political and social thinkers as well as statesmen, Eastern and Western, ancient and modern, consider war as a calamity or as a crime. All the documents concerning war from the establishment of the League of Nations to September 30, 1992 are also analyzed.


"This is a scholarly, well-researched and intellectually stimulating book. Each chapter is copiously documented with footnotes and at the end there is an excellent bibliography followed by an index. Dr. Przetacznik's analysis is reasoned and well-balanced. It is written in an easily digestible format. . . . The book is designed as a practical and theoretical handbook for the practitioners of international law, diplomacy, international relations and international organizations and as a reference book for the academic community and other persons engaged in the problems of war and peace. It can be used as a reference book for ministries of foreign affairs and defence, embassies, law schools and other educational institutions involved in international affairs." - Dr. P.K. Menon, in International Journal on World Peace

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