The Metaphysics of All-and-None: A Synthesis of Science, Philosophy, and Religion (soft cover)

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From the author's preface: "This book comes with a completely brand-new scientific and spiritual theory that for the very first time try to explaining the universe, existence, the whole being and even the non-being or nought in scientific terms and manner."

Table of Contents

How to Read this Book
Part I: Scientific Cognition of the Universe
Chapter 1: Cosmology
Chapter 2: The Complex Universe
Chapter 3: Conscious Universe
Chapter 4: The Emergence of Life
Part II: Explanation of All'n'None Theory
Chapter 5: Scientific Explanation of being, Creation and Duality
Chapter 6: Configuration ofAll'n'None Theory
Chapter 7: Physical, Philosophical and Mathematical Principles of All'n'None Theory
Part III: Scientific Cognition of Human
Chapter 8: From Life to Man
Chapter 9: HoloScrutinizism
Chapter 10: Consciousness and Cognition
Chapter 11: Applications of All'n'None Theory (Consciousness) in Everyday Life
Chapter 12: From Human to Homo Deus
Chapter 13: Proposed Further Studies and Researches Part IV: Practical Cognition of the Only God through Science
Chapter 14: Self Sacrificing
Chapter 15: Esoteric Mysteries
Chapter 16: Cognition of the incomparable only God
The Final Word and Conclusion

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