The Metaphorical Tenth Island in Azorean Literature: The Theme of Emigration in the Azorean Imagination

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This book explores the theme of emigration within the different genres of Azorean literature, arguing that it results from the historical and social phenomenon of emigration in the archipelago. The authors examined in this book portray a regional, cultural and literary uniqueness that is distinct from, but part of Portuguese literature. The exploration of the relationship between island writers and their emigrant counterparts illustrates the symbiosis between island writers and those of the diaspora, a dialogue that contributes to the evolution of the concept of “Azorean literature.” This produces a negotiation between cultures, and becomes a way in which the writers create a metaphorical “tenth island” that congregates myth and reality, past and present, whether the work is set in the islands or in the Azorean diaspora. The “tenth island” is also synonymous with the position of Azorean literature and its negotiation of a position between being part of a Portuguese literary tradition and mainstream American literature.


“...By opening these literary inscriptions of migrant experience to psychological and linguistic readings, Dr. Ramos Villar also suggests some important directions that Azorean scholarship might take in the future, drawing on the insights of postcolonial theory and Portuguese histories of empire, decolonization and population displacement … [the author] has performed a valuable service not only for newcomers to the Azorean field, but also for experienced Azoreanist scholars, and researchers in the growing academic fields of migration and diaspora studies..." – (from the Preface) Professor Hilary Owen, University of Manchester

“... Dr. Ramos Villar provides the reader with a comprehensive evaluation of the historical roots of emigration and the manner in which this is explored within the Azorean imaginary ... this is an excellent work that provides a comprehensive account of an increasingly important area of study and should be of interest to both scholars and more general readers ...” – Professor John M. Kinsella, National University of Ireland

“ ... [the author] undertakes a sensitive, thoughtful analysis of Azorean novels which naturally group together because of their commonality of theme, arriving at a new understanding of the texts in the light of her extensive readings in the field of literary theory.” – Professor Patricia Anne Odber de Baubeta, University of Birmingham

Table of Contents

Preface by Hilary Owen
1. Emigration as a Theme in Portuguese Literature: The Azores as a Case Study
2. Travelling, the Traveller and the Journey Theme in the Azorean Novel
3. Emigration, Religion and the Azorean Novel
4. Poetry Anthologies, Emigration, The Azores, Identity
5. Poetry as Emigration and Emigration as Poetry
6. Emigration and the Short Story
7. The Journey Within a Journey of Azorean Emigrant (Auto)biographies

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