The Literary Theory of Juan Carlos Rodríguez, Contemporary Spanish Cultural Critic

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This study mines the work of the preeminent Spanish cultural theorist and philosopher Juan Carlos Rodríguez. By elucidating some of the key features of his work, this work advances debate on the broader problems of literary analysis within and beyond Hispanism.


“. . . Caamaño’s [work] is awesome in its ambition: succinctly put, the work consists of an attempt not simply to renovate the study of theory, as it operates within a particular university discipline (Hispanism), but to question its whole basis, in the form in which it currently operates.” – Prof. Malcolm K. Read, State University of New York at Stony Brook

“. . . [this] study will stand for a long time to come as the standard work on Juan Carlos Rodríguez. . .” – Prof. Ottavio Di Camillo, City University of New York

“This is an essential text for graduate students and scholars of Hispanic Studies and Comparative Literature as well as those dedicated to the ever-urgent debate about the place of Marxism in the analysis of cultural production.” - Prof. Eva Woods Peiró, Vassar College

Table of Contents

Part I: Ideology
1. The Agency of Ideology: Marx and Freud
2. Experience and its Dis-Contents
Part II: Literature
3. Toward the Luminous Summits: Notes on a Science of Literature
4. Literature and Canon: Eagleton and Rodríguez
5. Poetics: Lorca and Brecht
Works by Juan Carlos Rodríguez
General Bibliography

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