The Hidden Language of Narcoterrorism: A Spanish-English Dictionary with a Quecha Glossary Volume II

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Regardless of its reference to English, Spanish and Quechua, this dictionary covers a collection of international terms used by drug addicts and traffickers, terrorist organizations, law enforcement agencies, the military and secret services. It also incorporates acronyms, abbreviations and misrepresentations of the true meaning of some words. The emphasis on Latin America is presented because the players, coming from all sides of the equation, are well represented there.


“ ... this book belongs in the library of the law enforcement or the academic professional, regardless of worldwide geographic position or political affiliation.” – Dr. Diana Patricia Sanchez, Supreme Judiciary Board, Colombia

Table of Contents

Preface – Prólogo
Foreword and Useful Hints – Prefácio e Instruccions de Uso
Acknowledgements – Reconocimiento
Country Abbreviations – Abreviaciones
Spanish Term and English and Spanish Translations
English Term and English and Spanish Translations
Quechua Glossary and English and Spanish Translations

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