The Fourth Generation of French Feminist Writers (1985-2010): From Fictionalized Text to Fictionalized Author

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Examines how the fictional works of contemporary French female authors can be read as a unique fantasy world in which the writer consciously manipulates the reader’s (and spectator’s) narrative expectations with explicit articulations of female desire. In addition, this work offers a literary and psychoanalytic reading of lesser-known female authors in French culture.


“. . . identifies and directs critical attention onto lesser known contributors to contemporary French women's fiction and, perhaps even more importantly, offers legitimacy to their work for readers who may be more accustomed to conventional narratives or scripts and who might feel unsure of how to understand and appreciate their art. The discerning and cogent analysis that Angelo provides for the artistic work represented here not only serves as an introduction to the work of diverse women writers who are impacting the continuously expanding French literary and cinematic corpus, it also may provide critical relevance with regard to future literary and cinematic works.” – Prof. Pamela Paine, Auburn University

“Throughout the entire work, Angelo’s sustained discussion of eroticism in women’s writing, female desire, and the exploration of female sexuality through fantasy writing contributes to the growing body of critical work on contemporary French women’s literature, highlighting themes that separate these works from their male counterparts and distinguishes them as a literary body in their own right. – Prof. Elizabeth Berglund Hall, Ithaca College

“[Angelo] specifically reveals, through her analyses and research, how some of these writers have revamped, mocked and unraveled Freud’s notion of the hysteric, through textual and highly descriptive constructions of their own feminine bodies. Using their own bodies and odd sicknesses as points of departure for rewriting Freud, these women are still located outside the margins of normativity and within those of the abject, but on their own inventive terms. The authors examined here, taking pleasure in (sado-masochistic) sexual and pathological deviations, revenge for humiliations and (self)-alienation, elucidate how both corporeal and textual emanations are bound to one another, ultimately to force the reader out of his or her comfort zone. Angelo precisely delves into a new assessment of an écriture féminine that is both inscribed on the body and in textual and filmic fantasy, which could be aligned with an actual carving of the word on flesh, leaving behind bloody scars that seem to disappear as if the narratives of these authors were just a scripted dream.” – Prof. Jennifer Svienty, Emory University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Prof. Pamela Paine
1. Scripts of Hysteria
A Woman in Pig’s Clothing: Marie Darrieussecq’s Truismes
Epidermal Revolt in Lorette Nobécourt’s La démangeaison
2. Scripts of Masochism
Vision, Desire and the Spectre/Spectacle of Masochism in Duras’s Fiction
Parodic Reflexions and Performative Parody in Cérémonies de femmes
3. Scripts of Romance
4. Scripting Identity
The Death of a “Writer,” The Birth of an Author: Corps de jeune fille
Splitting Subjectivity in La nouvelle pornographie

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