The Fin-de-siecle Elements in the Music of Claude Debussy: His Redefinition of Musical Time, Color, and Narrative Comparisons with Whistler, Hiroshige, Kandinsky, and Emile Galle

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This work presents an analytical perspective grounded in correspondences to contemporary movements in visual art. Inquiry focuses on the world of Art Nouveau, Symbolism, decadence, and Orientalism with Debussy, to some demonstrable extent, was in direct contact. It reviews relevant Debussy scholarship , particularly in respect those dealing with the perception of musical time.


"To approach the challenges posed by Debussy's music requires clarity of thought, resourcefulness, and theoretical curiosity, Charles Frantz demonstrates all three attributes in abundance as he invites us to join him on a journey through the realm of ideas and critical points of view pertaining to Debussy's compositional techniques, his aethetics, and the various kinds of scholarly apparatus by which theorists and historians have sought to shed light on his music." Dr. Floyd Grave, Rutgers University

"This book by Charles Frantz opens up new approaches to understanding the critical relationship of Debussy's music and fin-de-siecle art. It is a masterly feat of both thoroughly clarifying that relationship and establishing its significance to Debussy's musical aesthetic." Professor Gerald Chenoweth, Rutgers University

Table of Contents


Foreword by Floyd Grave



Chapter I: Debussy Scholarship: Focus on Symbolism, Art Nouveau, Decadence

Chapter II: New Vistas: Pitch and Time

Chapter III: Toward Abstraction: Debussy, Hiroshige, Whistler

Chapter IV: "Le Decor Symbolique": Debussy, Galle

Chapter V: "Sonate pour flute, alto et harpe": Contraries and Continuity: A Unity of Opposites




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