The Embodiment of the Unconscious, Hysteria, Surrealism and Tanztheater: An Interdisciplinary Study of Hysterical Scenes in Performative Dance

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"This study places choreographic examples in a dialogue with the dance and interdisciplinary scholarship, with an aim to expose the unapparent alleys for a socio-historically informed mode of spectatorship. This kind of spectatorship ponders the unique conditions of the development of dance expression, and, at the same time, examines the intersections between the medical theory, political violence, and bodies' visibility on the stage. The concept of hystericization, as it is reconsidered in this study, invites a historico-political performance analysis that embraces performers' and witnesses' responses, and emphasizes the intersubjective and political dimension of the enactment of hysterical symptoms." -from the Author's "Introduction"

Table of Contents

Social Criticism and the Transformation of Mental Illness in Mats Ek's Giselle
Hysteria, Dance Labor, and Trauma
The First Aspect: The Nineteenth-Century Romantic Ballet in the Paris Opera
The Second Aspect: The Laboring Body in Hysteria, Charcot's Theater
The Third Aspect: Professional Dance-Fin de Siecle Nightlife Dancers
The Fourth Aspect: Bodily Truth in Psychoanalytic Practice
Expression and Symptom
The Influence of Psychoanalysis on Creation and Interpretation of 20th Century European Dance
Concluding Remarks

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