The Case for Alternative Teacher Certification

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In the wake of educational reform the traditional approach to teacher certification is being drastically impacted by the pressures of increased accountability from multiple stakeholders. To address expected teacher shortages, university preparation programs are looking at “non-traditional” approaches to certifying teachers at a quicker rate. This reform model of certifying is referred to as an Alternative Teacher Certification pathway. Dr. Smith Ross gives the debate on the subjecty substance and facts in this study.


“This book does an outstanding job of presenting the issue of teacher shortage and the lack of qualified teachers in the United States. It discusses the increased standards in teacher education programs and the impact of specialized accreditation. The impact of standards and accreditation has prevented students from successfully graduating students and producing qualified teachers.”
-Dr. Ashraf Esmail,
Program Coordinator Criminal Justice,
Dillard University

“The issue of teacher quality is and has been a concern for policy makers, the educational community, and parents…The popularity of alternative programs help to raise the debate of quality of candidates credentialed through such programs.”
-Dr. Leslie Jones,
Dean, College of Education,
Nicholls State University

Dr. Ross’ book contributes to scholarly research because it reflects the reform initiative national education is currently undertaking to improve outcomes and restore quality professionals and practices to the teaching profession.”
-Dr. Eric Jones,
Teach for America,
Director of External Affairs

“Alternative Certification or the “non-traditional” approach to becoming certified program was intended to attract the second career professional who had either retired or was seeking a career change or a strong skills candidate…This work will assist in helping national educational consultants “bring alive” the learning with help of ideas, practices and concepts to model the first year teaching.”
-Dr. Glen Reynolds,
University Sunderland, UK

Table of Contents

Foreword by Leslie Jones, Ph.D.
Preface/ Acknowledgments
Chapter One: The Case for Alternative Certification
-Teacher Accountability
-Nationwide Expectations
-NCTQ (National Council on Teacher Quality) Report
-Teacher Preparation
-Alternative Teacher Certification
-Teacher Self-Efficacy
-Intermediary Organizations -Educational Reform Movement
Chapter Two: Bulletin 746 Louisiana Standards for State Certification of School Personnel
-Louisiana Certification Purpose
-Louisiana Overview
-Louisiana Code: Bulletin 746
-Alternative Teacher preparation Program
-Alternative Certification Admission Requirement
-Testing Requirements
-Teaching Preparations (Summer Preparation Sessions or Fall Preparation Sessions)
-Teaching Internship and First-year Support (12 Credit Hours or Equivalent 180 Contact Hours)
-Teaching Performance Review (End of First Year)
-Prescriptive Plan Implementation (Second Year)
-Total Hours Required in the Program
-Praxis Review (Second year)
-Program Requirements Must be Met Within a Three-Year Time Period
Certification-Only Program – Alternative Path to Certification
-Certification-Only Program – Admission Requirements
-Testing Requirements
-Teaching Preparation
-Reading Requirements
-Internship or Student Teaching
-Mentoring and Support
-Total Hours Required in the Program
-Licensure Requirements
Private Provider – Alternative Certification
-Private Provider Admission Requirements -Master’s Degree Program – Alternative Path to Certification (Minimum Requirements) -Admission to Program
-Licensure Requirements
-Program Requirements
-Reading Requirement
-Methodology and Teaching Requirement
-Student Teaching or Internship
-Total Hours Required
-Certification Requirements
Chapter 3: Louisiana College: A Non-Traditional Model to Alternative Certification
Program Intake

-Mentor Appointment
-Academic Semesters
-Master of Arts in Teaching Degree Option
-Certification-Only Program Route
-TEACH Grant
-TEACH Grant Eligible Program
-TEACH Grand Award to Serve
-Terms and Conditions of the TEACH Grant Service Obligation
-High-Need Fields
-Identify Low-Income Students

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