The 1920 Voyage of the Yomei Maru: Children Escaping the Russian Revolution

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This book contains the memoir of Captain Kayahara, who rescued about 800 Russian refugee children on his ship
the Yomei Maru in 1920. The Konko Library in Okayama Prefecture in Japan has the original memoir.


"However, he had made a great contribution—rescuing about 800 Russian children and bringing them back home safely! And after that, he visited and comforted wounded people and helped people in need and he kept his attitudes and manners in a humble way. In his later years, he remembered his time at Konko School, saying that “Time flies—however, I remember everything about my experiences at school as if it was right in front of me.” He wanted to live his life inspired by what he had learned at the school and he wanted to be useful toand help others."
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Table of Contents

List of Illustrations

Acknowledgements - Masako Hamada

Part I. Recovering the Story of the Yomei Maru

My Thoughts on A True Story from the Russian Revolution: A Journey Across the World to Take Russian Children Home. Hideko Konko, Chief Librarian, Konko Library

A Chain of Fortuitous Events. Olga I. Molkina

The Yomei Maru, an Ark of Humanism. Nan’en Kitamuro

Dr. Rudolf Teusler and the “Wild Children of the Urals.” Chris Ringwalt

Part II. Historical Background

The Petrograd Colonists and the American Red Cross: Humanitarian Action during the Russian Civil War, 1918-1920. Adele Lindenmeyr and Marc Gallicchio

Part III. Motoji Kayahara, Captain of the Yomei Maru

A Journey Across the World to Take Children Home: A True Story from the Russian Revolution: A Memoir, by Captain Motoji Kayahara

A Letter from the Red Cross to Captain Kayahara

An Anecdote about Captain Motoji Kayahara by His Relatives. Nan’en Kitamuro

Two Contemporary American Newspaper Articles about the Yomei Maru

Part IV. Ginjiro Katsuda, Owner of the Yomei Maru

About the Birthplace of Ginjiro Katsuda. Miki Murata

The Life and Legacy of Ginjiro Katsuda (1873-1952), President of the Katsuda Steamship Company and Owner of the Yomei Maru. Takeshi Tsuji

A Noble Man: About Ginjiro Katsuda. Hidemi Murata

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