The 16th Century Spanish Plan to make Australia the New Holy Land: Pedro Fernández de Quirós and his Utopian ideas about Terra Australis Incognita

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Work examines the Spanish Empire in the late 16th century and the plan to establish a "new holy land" at the antipodes. Centering on the utopian ideas of the time, this study details the motivations of Portuguese explorer Pedro Fernández de Quirós in this pursuit for the Spanish empire. Additionally, this work contains the first English translations of the important document titled "The Fortieth Memorial of Quirós to the King of Spain."


“This book offers a plausible explanation and interpretation of the possible motifs, contextualizing them firmly within the European Christian humanist tradition. It is, therefore, of special relevance to early modern scholars and students, as well as educated readers interested in the Pacific, history of discoveries and early modern colonialism.”
Dr. Mercedes Camino, Professor of European History, Lancaster University

Table of Contents


Commendatory Foreword

Authors Preface


The European Search for Terra Australis Incognita

Chapter 1: Eschatological Elements in the Quiros Expedition

Chapter 2: The Literary Trope of New Jerusalem from Columbus to Quiros

Chapter 3: Comparing the Expedition Instructions of Sarmiento and Quiros


Introduction to the 40th Memorial of Quiros

English Translation of the 40th Memorial of Pedro Fernandez de Quiros to Philip III of Spain

Appendix 1: Time line for the Eschatological Developments that Quiros Envisaged would take place in the Great Southern land in Association with the New Jerusalem

Appendix 2: Sarmiento's Declaration of Possession

Appendix 3: Quiros Declaration of Possession


Primary Sources

Secondary Sources


Other Spain/Spanish Books