Teaching Students How to Take Elementary Four-Part Dictation (spiral-Bound)

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This is a collection 1130 examples of harmonic progressions arranged from the shortest and simplest to a very complicated hearing and partwriting dictation. The dictation is played by the instructor. Each new chord or problem is shown alone in both the first and second text before being integrated with previously-learned material. Several partwriting and dictation exercises are given for each new problem, and a number of examples by famous composers are cited in the three optional texts of musical examples.


This integrated set of music theory books is the only publication that combines sight and sound for the instruction of elementary harmony. The beginning student is taught to partwrite with skill and, above all, to hear what he/she has written. No other texts currently marketed offer this integration. The exercises are well-structured in presentation to include most of the necessary information to prepare the student for examinations for graduate school, teacher's accreditation, and the graduate record examinations, music theory section. The texts are also a preparation for Schenkerian analysis. The books have been refined in twenty-seven years of teaching and are proven to work on advanced high school and college level students.

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