Tale of Gamelyn of the Canterbury Tales: An Annotated Edition

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This is a critical edition of the romance known as The Tale of Gamelyn, a poem of 902 couplets, written in Late Middle English towards the end of the second half of the fourteenth century. It is preceded by a discussion of the textual tradition of Chaucer’s work, an analysis of previous editions of Gamelyn, a synoptic edition containing the diplomatic transcriptions of the ten manuscripts collated and some comments on the internal and external features of the Romance.


“. . . a welcome and exhaustive contribution to Chaucer’s scholarship, and will no doubt become an important reference in the field of textual editing.” – Prof. Teresa Fanego, University of Santiago de Compostela

“. . . a much-needed new approach to Gamelyn that significantly enhances our awareness of 14th century Ricardian texts and makes the modern reader approach Chaucerian literature and texts with a renewed interest.” – Prof. Santiago González y Fernández Corugedo, University of Oviedo

Table of Contents

List of Abbreviations
Foreword by Professor Teresa Fanego
1. General Considerations
1.1. The Tale of Gamelyn Related to the Canterbury Tales
1.2. The Manuscripts of the Canterbury Tales
1.3. Manuscripts Containing the Tale of Gamelyn
2. Edition of the Tale of Gamelyn
2.1. A New Edition of Gamelyn
2.1.1. Previous Editions of the Tale
2.1.2. The Need for a New Edition of Gamelyn
2.1.3. Choosing a Base Text for the Edition
2.1.4. Selecting Additional Manuscripts for the Edition
2.2. Synoptic Edition of the Tale of Gamelyn
2.2.1. Justification for a Synoptic Edition
2.2.2. Transcription Guidelines
2.2.3. Diplomatic Transcriptions of the Manuscripts Christ Church Oxford MS 152 (Ch) Corpus Christi College Oxford MS 198 (Cp) Fitzwilliam Museum McClean 181 (Fi) British Library MS Harley 7334 (Ha4) Bodleian Library MS Hatton Donat. 1 (Ht) British Library MS Lansdowne 851 (La) Lichfield Cathedral MS 29 (Lc) Cambridge University Library Mm.2.5 (Mm) Petworth House MS 7 (Pw) British Library MS Royal 18 C.II (Ry2)
2.3. Edition of the Tale with Apparatus Criticus and Notes
2.3.1. Introduction Plot of the Romance Internal and External Features of the Romance
2.3.2. Critical Edition of Gamelyn and Notes to the Text
2.3.3. Apparatus Criticus of the Edition
2.4. Translation of the Tale of Gamelyn
2.5. Glossarial Index to the Text
3. Final Remarks
References General Index

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