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A valuable examination of the artistry of the puppet stage, past and present. The Puppetry Yearbook creates a forum for new scholarship, as well as critical examinations of the growing number of international and multicultural artists and groups turning to puppets as a profound symbol that can both represent and transcend its human model.
Submissions should be addressed to:
James Fisher, Editor
c/o Theatre Department,
Wabash College
Crawfordsville, IN 47933
tel. (317) 364-4394
Fax: (317) 364-4295.
Submissions may be 5,000-10,000 words in length, prepared in any one of the standard notation formats, should be sent in duplicate accompanied by stamped, self-addressed envelope.
ISSN: 1070-3624

Volume 2:The Perception of "Puppetness" in Legacy of Modernism (Robert S. Petersen); Ancient Greek Theater, Noh, Bunraku, and Craig (Nancy L. Staub); "Gentlemen, The Marionette!": Edward Gordon Craig, Floyd Dell, and the Über-marionette (James Fisher); Histories of Gombeyatta: South Indian String Puppets (Michael Schuster); Visual Theater in South India: Gombeyatta-Puppet Traditions (Michael Schuster); Serious Humor: The Ritual Clowns of Indian and Indonesian Puppetry (Nathan Kumar Scott); A Brief Panorama on Cuban Puppetry (Freddy Artiles); The Glove Puppet Theater of Punch and Judy (Martha Feehan); The Origin and Progress of W. J. Bullock's Royal Marionettes (John Phillips); Music in Movement: The Collaboration of Julie Taymor and Elliot Goldenthal (Nancy L. Staub); Marionettes et Acteurs, des collègues faits pour s'entendre (Freek Nerynck); Satori in a Garbage Can (Bill Stout); book reviews.

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