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This volume, comprising eight closely related articles which were originally presented at the EUROSEAS 2004 conference in Paris, examines the depiction of foreigners in a range of Indonesian and Malay literary works spanning four centuries, from traditional texts in Malay and Javanese to modern Malaysian fiction and a Singaporean novel written in English. Sharing ideas of Said’s conception of Orientalism and its ‘twin-brother’ Occidentalism, and Todorov’s theory of monological and dialogical inter-cultural and inter-ethnic relations, the authors of the papers concentrate on the problem of the ‘other’. The crux of this problem is how literary discourse of the examined writers, both traditional and modern, reveals the images and perceptions of their Malay and Indonesian neighbors and the world beyond, the Western world in particular.


“Ben Murtagh and Vladimir Braginsky take on this significant and underemphasized inversion of the prevailing gaze in this edited volume of papers, with its focus on the perception of foreign ‘Others’ in the eyes of observers from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. What they provide in so doing is an important contribution to the field of South East Asian cultural studies, in which the typical dynamics of inter-regional agency and power are reversed.” - Dr. Rachel Harrison, Senior Lecturer in Thai Cultural Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

“There is undoubtedly a great deal of novel and fascinating information in this collection of papers, and the proposed volume is well worth publishing. A great deal has been published on how Europeans and other Westerners perceive foreigners, but accounts of how Asians see these matters are very rare. Many such accounts exist in non-European languages and this collection breaks new ground by revealing what has been happening in the Malay-Indonesian world.” - Professor Michael Hitchcock, International Institute for Culture, Tourism and Development, London Metropolitan University

“The greatest strength of this volume is the way in which individual essays situate specific texts within the broader context of an understanding of the respective literatures and the particular theoretical issues addressed ... This volume will be a valuable teaching handbook for post-colonial approaches to the study of Southeast Asian literatures, and is an important contribution towards overcoming the linguistic barriers which inevitably limit access to the wonderful world of Indonesian and Malay literatures.” - Dr. Annabel Teh Gallop, Head, South and Southeast Asia Section, The British Library, London

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr. Rachel Harrison
Introduction - Ben Murtagh
1 The Language They Speak is Nazarenese: Village Views of the Portuguese in Hikayat Anggun Cik Tunggal - G.L. Koster
2 Orientalism and Its Mirror Image: Russia and the Russians in Malay Literature of the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century - Vladimir Braginsky
3 Portrayals of British Individuals in Malay Literature - Ben Murtagh
4 Strolling, Fighting and Flying Dutchmen: The Dutch in Javanese Chronicles and Serat Baron Sakendher - Seda Kouznetsova
5 Enemies or Relatives: Images of the Portuguese in Hikayat Hang Tuah - G.L. Koster
6 Malaysia Versus Indonesia: Fluctuating Feelings of Brotherhood as Reflected in Contemporary Malaysian Writing - Yevgenia S. Kukushkina
7 The World Beyond Malaysia (Mainly the West) in Malaysian Literary Works Published from the 1990s - Monique Zaini-Lajoubert
8 Looking Outwards to Look Inwards: Through the Lens of Inter-Racial Romance in a Singaporean Novel - Nicky Garsten
Concluding Remarks - The Other’s Borders Uncrossed and Crossed - Vladimir Braginsky

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